Tuesday, 27 April 2010

new lace sleeves

as promised, here is an update of my arty goings-on.
to practise making the curtain for my final piece, i've done a few sewing trials with lace flowers & netting. i bought supplies at the weekend, and got waaay too much - why must i always get flustered in fabric shops & buy far too much?! now it seems i have enough netting to make a pair of full size curtains.
i couldn't find any flower motifs, which originally was a bit disappointing, but i found some lace/ribbon with flowery patterns which i'm really pleased with.

i've been playing about with different designs, trying to recreate a real "net curtain" feel. this was the first pattern i did, basically i was just working out how to actually sew things to netting!
i quite like this pattern, but i think it might be a bit dull. and it doesn't quite have the ethereal effect i'm going for.
i'm sorry for the terrible photo quality by the way, the focus on my camera is a bit dodgy since i dropped it & the netting was obviously always going to be tricky to photograph.
i think this is one of my favourite designs so far, it's exactly the cutesy, but not too cutesy, feel that i wanted.
if that makes any sense at all.
i think i'm going to combine this one with the one below;
although i don't want it to be a repeated pattern type thing, i think it would look better if it was a bit more scattered about.
well, not scattered exactly. but something along those lines.
this is my pencil drawing of my friend charlotte squashed against a window, from the photograph i posted a few days ago. i stuck it in my art sketchbook a while ago as part of the "experimenting with techiniques" stage, so i'm going to photocopy & trace it for my final piece. which i guess is sort of cheating, but it is my own drawing.
i'm actually really proud of it, i think it's one of the best things i've ever drawn.
& i apologise for the egotistical nature of that above statement.


  1. Wow! You are brilliant at this, good luck with the exam x

  2. you're really talented!! and i'm not just saying that :D you've got very good drawing skills, not alot of people can draw people, haha :P

  3. great blog! you're amazing, sooo lovely (L)

    xoxo, Cassie

  4. awwww thank you so much *^^*

  5. Those ideas are great!
    The drawing is awesome, youre incredibly talented, dear :)

  6. thank you!
    this really does mean a lot.

  7. those patterns look great and the drawing is amazing!


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