Monday, 27 May 2013

Don't rain on my parade.

Hello! I've been really absent from posting, I'm sorry. I have been busy, but I know that I've felt a lot less motivated to write on here recently. I think because I haven't been thinking about clothes and putting outfits together that much, like I haven't bought anything at all recently or really felt like I've put an amazing outfit together. I think I have been in my head a lot more recently, I'm coming to the end of my first year here and obviously that has put me in an introspective mood. I have been making lots of lists in my mind for things I want to do this summer, and I know that one of them is altering the pile of clothes-waiting-to-be-altered I have at home, so I will definitely be sharing my exploits there! I think this year has been a lot more about me finding out who I am away from home, self-discovery in more of an internal way than through clothing, which is how I definitely feel my self-discovery was manifested last summer. I think what has put me off posting is because I feel that Summer 2012 was kind of my ~peak outfit wise & aesthetically, and a lot of what I've been doing and dressing like has just been trying to get back to that and recreate it, but it can't be recreated because, as moments do, it passed. But I've had a realisation now that I do want to move forward, and so shall be dressing and thinking accordingly.
Okay, wow. That turned out a lot longer than I expected it to be! I guess I have just been having a lot of thoughts on this recently, and it isn't necessarily something you can talk about with people. Thanks for reading that whole thing, if you did! Anyway, I thought I would share with you something that I've mentioned a bit on here before, which is quite exciting, I think!
I'm part of the Burlesque Society at my university, which is just a little society here! (I'm going to be Treasurer and Inclusions Officer next year too!) We've been planning for a few months now to put together a small showcase evening for charity before exams, and I thought I'd share with you some pictures from the night!
(The charity is SYEDA, South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Awareness, which is a really worthwhile local charity)
Group photo on stage before all our guests arrived. We wore Miss Sheffield sashes for our opening group routine, which was a beauty pageant themed dance that turned into a fight over the crown!
Silly faces, of course!
Me and Anna, my dancing partner.
Me during the routine! I was in a duo routine with Anna, but I cropped the photos to just me because she doesn't know I'm posting these! Our routine was to Don't Rain On My Parade by Shirley Bassey, hence the umbrellas. We wore plastic rain ponchos (which were really clingy and horrible, actually) which we ripped off (literally!) halfway through. I was pretty nervous before going on, but actually it was so much fun! I loved it, it was such a good experience and I'm really glad I did it.
There was a part where we had to take a stocking off one leg with our other foot, very difficult but I managed it!

...aaaaand the mess we left on stage! For our big finish, I threw a big cup FULL of glitter over Anna! It's almost two weeks laster now and I'm still finding bits of it in my hair and on my clothes! It's all over my floor, obviously.
I thought I would do a little make up review of the eyeliner I wore for my routine (not that you can see it!) I bought it specially for this and it was quite cheap, but it was excellent and I'm going back to buy it in some more colours after handing my essay in tomorrow as a treat! I've also been thinking of doing a review of my (small!) lipstick collection for a while now, so let me know if you'd like to see that too! Goodbye for now, I promise I won't leave it too long next time (: