Friday, 21 August 2009

dearest buddy holly

sorry for posting in quick succession, but i've been meaning to post about this for quite a while & things have been just far too hectic for me to have time.
anyway, the other day i went out with my family to see g-force (a film about talking guinea pig spies - which i only saw as a joke!) & we were given some rather fantastic 3D glasses to keep.
in my opinion, they are a bit like buddy holly's, and he was one cool cat.
either that, or they're a little bit like raybans.
or perhaps this is just wishful thinking on my part.

not a big fan of my facial expression in this photo, but i quite like the cool halo effect.
also, i had to show the truly strange effect of the lenses, it's kind of like a weird two-tone thing - like suddenly your eyes are there, then they're not. strange.
i know, that sounds like utter gibberish, but it made sense in my head.
i know this is a dreadfully blurry photo, but it was the only one my face didn't look dodgy in.
and who can argue with a peace sign?
i might poke the lenses out of these & use them as geek glasses (woop!) or see if i can get proper ones fitted so i can use them as fakey raybans.

lady of the blue rose

at 4am on saturday, i set off for my holidays in cornwall and for the past 3 hours i've been packing - which i hate. i've pretty much packed everything from my wardrobe, including quite a large pile of books i chose specially for the occasion.
the top three are books i've borrowed from my dad, and the rest are brand new
from the top:
setting free the bears by john irving
one flew over the cuckoo's nest by ken kesy
high fidelity by nick hornby
the unbearable lightness of being by milan kundera
nineteen eighty-four by george orwell
catch 22 by joseph heller
the bell jar by sylvia plath
trainspotting by irvine welsh
i tried to go for quite famous reads, as generally on holiday i read a lot of crap books that take about 3 seconds to read and are utterly predictable.

i also bought some shorts from topshop today for my holiday.
they were in the sale for £15 (although i actually thought the tag said £5 so there was a bit of a scramble at the till)

they have the cuuuutest liberty print; the blue roses are just darling.
i shall be taking my laptop to cornwall, but i'm not sure if there will be any internet access where we're staying, i shall try to do some posting but it's a bit unlikely that will happen.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

gravity is working against me

today i had an extraordinarily terrifying experience today at go ape - an outdoorsy, up-in-the-trees exploration thingy.
i hadn't realised just how scared of heights i was until i got up there :
in fact, at the end i actually broke down in tears. i don't know whether that was from relief or sheer terror, or perhaps some mixture of the two.
anyway, here are some of the obstacles i managed to take pictures of when i'd stopped shaking.
the barrels which we had to crawl through


see? look how high up we were!
and this wasn't even the highest point!

that's my brother clinging to the net after the "tarzan swing" - which was the scariest part, except for all the rickety ladders.

i took this photo after my go on the tarzan swing (which is basically just a rope which you attach yourself onto, let go & swing across with no visible means of support).

i cannot tell you how happy i was to see this sign!

my certificate :)
when i got home, i was still shaking quite a lot (and literally could not stop weeping) so i had a nice long hot shower & i listened to gravity by john mayer - which has never felt more appropriate!

Monday, 17 August 2009


i saw coco avant chanel today.
quite possibly the best film i have ever seen.
audrey tautou was simply amazing as gabrielle (coco) chanel, and pretty stunning too.
i absolutely adored all of the outfits, and seeing their progression.
this was my favourite outfit.
i also loved that the final scene (which this photo is from) was filmed in coco chanel's actual apartment.

this was another of my favourite outfits. got to love those sequins.
also, the moustachioued man is rather dishy :)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

rhythms del mundo.

quite looking forward to checking this new rhythms del mundo album out.
i listened to the kooks version of elton john's are you ready for love on youtube and it's surprisingly good.
other tracks that i'm looking forward to hearing are:
imagine by jack johnson. i absolutley adore the john lennon original & jack johnson is one of my favourite artists ever, surely this can only be a good thing?
walk on the wild side by editors. i can't quite imagine this one, but it could be pretty interesting.
i heard it throught the grapevine by kaiser chiefs. hmmmm, i don't really like the kaiser chiefs & i do hope they haven't murdered this one.
satisfaction by cat power. i've heard good things about this band so fingers crossed it's a good version.
under the boardwalk by the rolling stones. this could be pretty interesting with an RDM twist.
because the night by kt tunstall. an absolute classic written by mr bruce springsteen, hope kt does it well.
beat it by fall out boy & john mayer. john is a frigging babe so anything with his voice on is going to be good, even though i think fall out boy are on the wrong side of awful.
and finally purple haze by RDM themselves. jimi is pretty much my messiah so this better be good.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

multicolored loveliness

ahh lazy oaf, how i love your amazing bangles by steven stein.
these are quite frankly beauuuuutiful!
i love the bright block colours, the glitter, the contrast, aaahhh they are just so lovely.
this brightly coloured piece of gorgeousness is my favourite.

sadly i don't really suit bangles or i'd start saving up for one right now, but i do love the way they've styled these with the plain white lace dress.
also, the model's hair is awesome! very blain harrison from the mystery jets, i wish i could have hair like that.

i'm also craaaaaving one of lazy oaf's glasses necklaces
nerd or deirdre barlow, i can't decide.

this is going to be my last post for a wee while, i'm off to the dales of yorkshire for a couple of days to visit my cousin but i shall be back soon i hope.

ahoy there!

okay, so i have a slight obsession with all things nautical.
stripes, anchors, red & blue, basically anything related to the sailing.
i don't really know why, i just think it's quite an iconic style & it always crops up in s/s every year so i may as well embrace it.
anyway, i was doing a bit of shopping online today and i came across this beauty on
*high pitched squeal of excitement*
how bloody gorgeous is that?!
i am seriously in love with this shoe, and i'm fairly sure the other left one is just as amazing.
it looks like a boat! aaaaahhhh so cute!
for the past 20 minutes i've been thinking of what i have in my wardrobe that would go with these works of art & whether i have enough to justify buying them.
irregular choice is now my faaaaavourite shoe shop ever.

Monday, 10 August 2009

i got soul.

it's been absolutely dreadful weather today, so i thought i'd stay inside & take some photos of my lovely records.
i'm not really the greatest as photography, it's not really my thing if truth be told. i love looking at photos that other people have taken but i just can't take particularly nice ones myself.
this is me looking rather pleased with myself avec the rubber soul record. well, i think that's what the expression on my face is. i was trying to take a good picture & i think my face got a bit screwed up with the concentration of it all, which explains the grimace. see what i mean about the crap picture taking? also, i cut a bit of paul off, which is a shame.
i love this record so much. i haven't had a chance to play it yet because my record player lives at my dad's house (and i haven't been there in a while) but i really cannot wait. i'm pretty sure it's an original one from 1965, that's when it says it was printed anyways.

my records!
from left to right it's; bob dylan, buddy holly, eric clapton & the kinks with the beatles in the middle.
i have to say, i have a bit of a weird addiction to smelling record sleeves. i know that sounds unbelieveably odd but it's just the old papery smell, kind of like second hand books.
the eric one was unbelievably cheap, it was only £1! the man on the stall said he had to get rid of all his records really quickly because he had a baby on the way and needed the space.
frankly, that made me wonder how many records he actually had.

this message was on the back of the kinks record.
i think it's really sweet, and it kind of makes me feel like i'm sharing some part of their history now, it makes me wonder why linda got rid of the record & whether her & alistair are still together.
or maybe i'm over-thinking things too much.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

for the record

ahh i have had such a lovely day today!
went to a record fair with the mother this morning, which was fantastic! very cheap too, considering they were all originals.
i managed to get 5 records all for the very low sum of £26. i think that's pretty damn good myself.
i got the beatles' rubber soul album for £10, and it's in surprisingly good condition! there's a bit of a scratch over you won't see me and nowhere man which miiight not play, but i'll keep my fingers crossed & hope they'll work.
i also bought a double album of bob dylan's greatest hits for £5 which is in great condition, i can't wait to play it, loads of the songs i've never heard before - and i am also looking forward to hearing the original version of the mighty quinn!
my second £5 purchase was the kinks' sunny afternoon. i do like the davies brothers ratherrr a lot so hopefully it'll be a good album.
i was looking for something a bit earlier than that, so i went for buddy holly's greatest hits which looks pretty good. buddy holly is just lovely, and at £5 who could resist?!
my final purchase was rather different for me, i am an eric clapton fan but i haven't heard much of his stuff (i just stick to the unplugged album mostly) but when i stumbled on a stack of his albums for £1 each i wasn't going to ignore them. i went for money and cigarettes purely for the superficial reason that i liked the melting guitar on the record sleeve.
i wouuuld put up some pictures of them, but my computer is being slow & crappy so it will have to wait til a wee a bit laterrr.

Friday, 7 August 2009

new rediscoveries

over the past few days i've found a fair few things i love.
i rediscovered:
how much i love milkshakes.
and also 1950s americana diners.
photo courtesy of my good friend joanna:
sadly my ludicrous facial expression spoils the picture a bit, i think i was struggling to keep a straight face & then laughed like a bloody kookaburra just as she took the picture.
you really cannot take me anywhere.

how cool will smith is.
saw this in oxfam for 50p so obviously i had to buy it.

how fun it can be to play guitar standing up.
my dad gave me his old fender guitar strap so i thought i'd give it a go.
for some reason it makes me feel like a proper guitaristy person, a folk one. god knows why a folk one, maybe just because i had laura marling on at the time.

how awesome it is to look like a busker.
i am seriously considering doing a bit of busking. although the only song i can do is blowin' in the wind by mr bob dylan. good song, but that would get wearing after a while.
also, i think it's a pretty fantastic accessory. goes with my outfit toooo.

how fun it is to wear heels for absolutely no reason at all.
just because it's nice to wear heels sometimes.
and it made playing guitar standing up quite an experience.
how uplifting bruce springsteen & john mayer songs can be.
when you're stuck in the house all day, & the weather's too unpredictable outside, stick a bit of bruce or john on & the day just feels brighter.
my personal favourites are:
for bruce - darkness on the edge of town, if i should fall behind, thunder road, born to run.
and for john - bigger than my body, love song for no-one, i'm gonna find another you.
how much i love cutting pictures out of magazines & newspapers & blu-tacking them to the wardrobe.
just so i can look at unobtainable & beautiful things from my bed.
the left side is the pretty pictures/funny things/inspiration side, and the right is my muuuusic side. probably could do with a zoom in on this thing, but i'm afraid i don't know how to do that.

how frustrating & annoying music theory is.
studying for my grade 1 & 2 music theory exams for guitar. the most tedious & confusing thing possibly ever.
and finally: how funny my brother can be sometimes.
that's a hat that he made in school.
i just found this photo on my camera from the other night, i got back home from john mayer night & he was just sat there watching tv wearing it!
possibly the funniest thing i have ever seen.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

jimi is my muse.

today i felt a tad inspired after i listened to my dad's jimi hendrix record (although he isn't a fan so i'm thinking of claiming ownership of it) & made a bit of jewellery. in fact, i was a whirlwind of activity & made rather a few pieces. i must have looked pretty happy working away as my brother was curious & asked to help. bless him, a lot of the time he annoys the hell out of me, but he can be rather sweet sometimes.
where the wee things are
when i was younger, i used to love where the wild things are, i can't wait to see the film adaptation. this little book was a craft thing i made when i was about 12 i think, i found it a while ago & decided it would look kinda cute as a pendant so i stuck a little gold sequin star on it and, well, there it is.
"these are just ghosts that broke my heart before i met you"
i think either my brother or i got this free in a kinder egg years ago. anyway, i think it looks pretty glamourous for a ghost.

"all of these emotions of mine keep holding me from giving my life, to a rainbow like you"
i never really make bracelets, but i like the whole string/wooden beads/naturalness of this.

"fly on, little wing"
the dove charm is from a hilariously mad charm necklace thing that my mum bought me as a joke when we were on holiday in greece. it had loads of mental scary-looking doll charms on it, but some (like this dove charm) were quite pretty so i dismantled it & put to what i think is quite good use.

"i be done seen 'bout everything when i see a elephant fly"
yes, i love dumbo.
i've been wanting to use this elephant charm ever since i saw it (a birthday present from my cousin) & had a little flash of inspiration after seeing some dumbo illustrations last week.
"your love is like a hand-me-down"
the hand charm on this pendant is from the same necklace as the dove necklace a few photos up, & the heart charm is from one of my bracelets which i got in a sale & pretty much instantly regretted as it fell to bits almost the minute i bought it. still, it was only £1 so what can you expect?
i've just realised that i seem to have some kind of compulsive need to describe everyyyy piece of jewellery i put up on here. i don't really know why i do this (and i'm sorry if it's irritating) but i guess i just like to tell the stories behind the pieces, in case people think they're rubbish or whatever.

i'm currently watching the first london episode of friends.
seriously, could i be any more in love with this show? (hell yes, that was a chandlerism!)
i love how overly english the guest stars seem compared to the american actors; richard branson, fergie, hugh laurie, whoever it is that plays emily. i think from now on i may make an effort to speak in a more posh way, cause i'm just so awesome like that.
also, i must get myself one of those joey hats - they really are just the epitome of cool.
oh, and happy august the first everybody! :)