Tuesday, 6 April 2010

the bell jar

i can't believe i forgot to say happy easter yesterday! i am such a fool. so, rather belatedly, i wish you all happy easter tidings.
i am such a procrastinator at the moment, really i should be using these holidays wisely to revise for up-coming exams, finish my english coursework & do some serious artwork but my attention span just isn't what it used to be - damn you internet! i will get to working soon, i just had a complete mental block today with my english literature coursework which was quite disheartening, & just put me in a sucky mood for the rest of the day.
anyways, a couple of days ago i received the tshirt i ordered from lazy oaf last week. normally, their stuff is a bit out of my price range but they have specials every now & then at discounted prices, so i decided to buy this i read books (men's!) shirt for only £10.
eeeep! isn't it cute? i love the fact it has a moustache made out of a book.
i know it really isn't sunny enough for shorts minus tights weather just yet, but it was pretty warm & i was looking for an excuse to wear these liberty print shorts. i bought them last year in the topshop sale for £15 - reduced from £35 i might add! - and have had hardly any chance to wear them as we had such a dreadful summer last year. in fact, i think i only wore them once!
i love the print so much, it's just so cute. the shorts have little pleats too which make it look more like a skirt, which is good as they are actually a bit too small to rest on my hips & have to be worn high-waisted.
this necklace was a gift with some others for my birthday last year i think, & i am sad to say i have never worn it before. i picked it up today & it matched the colour of the design on my tshirt EXACTLY. i love cute little coincidences like that! i picked the badge up at a vintage fair not long ago, i just lvoe the quirkiness to it.
shorts - topshop, shirt - lazy oaf, necklace - gift, badge - vintage fair.
PS. the title of my post refers to my favourite book lately, & i thought this would fit with the shirt. it also kind of explains how i feel about the pressures in my life at the moment. which i realise sounds disturbing when you consider the plot of the book!


  1. oh my goodness, I LOVE that tee.

  2. I just read your comment.
    Thank you so much four the award, dear :D
    You're lovely too (L)
    By the way, i really really love your outfit.

  3. thank you!
    oh no worries, you deserve it love! (:

  4. Oh I LOVE the shorts. Oh I'm so jealous.


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