Sunday, 11 April 2010

hunky dory

sundays. the days when really you just can't be bothered to do anything but laze around, listen to music or watch tv. or maybe this is just me. but anyway, today i am staving off psychology & spanish revision, & i thought now would be a good time to post about the musical tag award i was recently given by duffle coats & mittens - thank you!
i have to list 10 bands or artists in no particular order, & then answer the following questions.
1. the beatles
2. bob dylan
3. david bowie
4. the kooks
5. jimi hendrix
6. grateful dead
7. laura marling
8. bruce springsteen
9. the rolling stones
10. marvin gaye
now for the questions;
- what was the first song you heard by 6?
this is actually very difficult for me to remember! i think it was box of rain, as that is the first song off the very first album of theirs i listened to.
- what is your favourite song of 8?
i think it would have to be either thunder road, so young & in love, or rosalita (come out tonight). sorry for being so indecisive, but i really can't choose!
- what kind of impact has 1 left on your life?
oh, a huge impact! i think anybody who knows me, & in fact anyone who reads this blog, will know this. my clothing is influenced by them, my outlook on life, the art i draw, the posters on my walls - i even went to john & paul's houses in liverpool.
- what is your favourite lyric of 5?
"will the wind ever remember, the names it has blown in the past, but in its crutch, its old age & its wisdom, it whispers "no, this will be the last"" from the wind cries mary.
"angel come down from heaven yesterday, she stayed with me just long enough for afternoon tea" from the acoustic version of angel.
the whole of bold as love, i love that beautiful song. jimi is generally thought of as a guitarist more than a lyricist, but i think his words have an amazing power.
- how many times have you seen 4 live?
ha! once, but i was actually in the first aid room for most of the concert having passed out about 10 minutes in.
- what is your favourite song of 7?
rambling man, ghosts & her cover of johnny flynn's the wrote & the writ.
- is there any song of 3 that makes you sad?
no, not really. although the slower parts of changes have occasionally brought a tear to my eye.
what is your favourite song by 9?
i must confess i have only heard their eary 60s albums, but my favourites are brown sugar, dead flowers, and you can't always get what you want.
- how did you first get into 2?
well, i had always heard people talking about "bob dylan, the poet" & his reputation is widely known. i listened to a greatest hits album of his that my step-father had & i LOVED that, which led me onto listening to some of my dad's albums & i received the times they are a-changing and the free-wheelin' bob dylan for christmas. my love for his music has just grown and grown, it also helps that i have friends who love him too & that i can discuss his music with.
- how did you first get into 3?
well, my mother & father met through mutual friends at a david bowie concert so right from the start he's always been an influence, but i never really actively listened to him until i heard that the kooks' name was inspired by the song kooks on his hunky dory album - which i now own on vinyl.
- what is your favourite song by 4?
ahhh so many! i love seaside, tea & biscuits, eddie's gun and sofa song. i am a bit of an obsessive fan, so i have lots of favourites off bootleg albums too.
- how many times have you see 9 live?
never, they don't really tour massively. i would have loved to have seen them back in the 60s though.
- what is a good memory concerning 10?
i used a picture of him in a collage for the final outcome in one of my art projects, & we were presenting our work to the class (which i totally hate!) & my art teacher, who is scottish & very mad, went "oooh who's that? marvin gaye? SEXUAL HEALING!" this was a pretty hilarious, if embarrassing, moment! although it was really only embarrassing because no-one in my class had heard of him & thought that "sexual healing" was, well, my teacher's feeling towards him rather than one of his most famous songs.
- is there any song by 8 which makes you sad?
quite a few actually, bruce really knows how to tug those heartstrings. his ghost of tom joad album is all pretty sad, mary queen of arkansas, if i should fall behind and especially 4th of july, asbury park (sandy) are very emotional.
- what is your favourite song of 1?
oh my, this is serrrrriously tricky! it's just going to have to be a big list i'm afraid; here comes the sun, i saw her standing there, twist & shout, i've just seen a face, i'm looking through you, strawberry fields forever and, frankly, their entire back catalogue.
- how did you become a fan of 10?
my mum's always been a big fan of motown & soul songs & i guess it just filtered through. also, i listened to a lot of him on
sorry for the ludicrously long answers, but i tend to go on a bit when it comes to music!
i choose to tag nothing but a vision trick, error & .


  1. i love your music taste! i'm listening to laura marling right now, her songs are beautiful, just like her :)

  2. oh yay! i loooove her :D
    & thank you.

  3. Haha I love the one about Marvin Gaye and the art teacher! x

  4. hahaa i'm glad! true story :D


the wrote and the writ.