Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cherry Blossom

These photos are super old now, but I thought I would show you all what I bought from the Meadham Kirchhoff collaboration with Topshop!
I set my alarm to make sure I was up in time for all the pieces to be released online, even though I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted I didn't want anything to sell out! I deliberated over the eye print dresses for a while, but decided my bank balance would not have been very pretty afterwards so I bought this pastel pink rainbow skirt! I'm so pleased with it, the pattern is so subtle and pretty, the lace at the bottom is a really lovely touch too.
(I actually wrote some things about the collaboration for the student magazine, the news piece is here & the little review is here)
The label from my skirt! When I was searching through pictures of the collection I was so sure I would be a Cherry Blossom as the (obviously, pastel) pieces seemed the most suited to my wardrobe. I've kept this label & put it on my bedroom wall, just taking my MK love that extra step further <3 p="">
Goofy/terrible poses forever. I wore this outfit to go hand an essay in & then sit in the library. I really like dressing up to go to the library, feeling like I'm dressed super cute always helps me work I think. Or, at least makes me get distracted by my own reflection in my laptop screen (sadly not really joking here!).
Blouse - vintage/DIY, cardigan - charity shop, skirt - Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop, tights - Topshop, hairband - DIY.
I've gone off this hair colour recently (I'm going back to pink soon!), but I really like it here.
This skirt fits so perfectly with my wardrobe, I'm so excited to try it out with different pieces! I bought it in a size down because Topshop skirts always seem to sit on the hips and I much prefer being able to wear high waisted pieces.
I also bought the glittery stripey tights, cherry socks & this eye print tshirt, although I did send up sending the tshirt back because the shape didn't quite feel right to me.
I know I said I would be back to posting more regularly, but then... didn't, but I have a new laptop now (my other one tragically, finally bit the dust a few weeks before Christmas) so I will hopefully be able to post more often! See you soon xx