Saturday, 17 April 2010

you can leave your hat on

so yesterday, i got my haircut. i'm not entirely sure how i feel about it yet, i like it straight (which my hair never is on a day to day basis) but curly? i think it may be too short.
excuse the hideous eye bags here, i hate taking pictures of my face.
see, i like the fringe pinned back... but it just won't stay that way when curly.
my hair is very uncontrollable, i have a double crown thing & a weird hairline where it just grows UP so yeah, goodbye side fringe.
it does make me feel oddly british though, which is a little strange. i think in some ways it reminds me of this lovely lady;
(although less wonderful, obviously)
& is a bit like a female version of these boys' hairstyles;
but perhaps this is just me wishful thinking!
i do like it straight i must admit, i tried it out with my bowler hat & felt unbelieeeeeeeeeevably english - which is odd, as i've always felt more in touch with my scottish roots than my english ones.
possibly acceptable?
oh, and that necklace is made from the brooch i posted about a couple days ago. mother said it was a bit "twee" but i like it (:


  1. Greetings Charlotte. Just looking in from a visit to Megan's blog. My first experience of Northumberland was staying overnight in Ponteland. And then I lived up there for three years - Morpeth, Beacon Hill and Druridge Bay. Pity you can't do the accent in a blog. It's one of my favourites. Scottish roots in Northumberland, eh? Whoa. A lot of Northumbrians told me they don't consider themselves English anyway. They're a breed apart and a law unto themselves. I got on very well with them.

  2. I think it looks lovely :) Not too neat, not too messy.... <3

  3. I love the hair! I'm sure it'll look lovely curly but I know what you mean about hair growing upwards! Stupid double crowns indeed! x

  4. I love your hair!! It's nice to see it straight for a change it looks lushh :)

  5. Aww I like it, I really want nice short hair, mine has been long for tooo long! ♥

  6. thank you! :D
    & yes, i actually live in ponteland!


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