Friday, 29 November 2013

Herman Munster

Hello! It seems that I accidentally went for two whole months without posting on here, oh dear. I am really disappointed that I haven't been able to write here, when I first moved to Sheffield we didn't have any internet in our house, and even though we have it now the signal is always breaking off. My workload has been pretty heavy too (I currently have three essay deadlines within a week *cries*) so I have been a bit too stressed out to post. I am going to try and make some time from now on though, as I hate giving all these excuses!
I wanted to show you all my new coats! I am very picky when it comes to coats (and clothing in general, really), but I have recently acquired some completely adorable ones. My mum bought this one from a charity shop (for a £1!) for me a few months ago, but I hadn't worn it until recently because it's a little bit big and I wasn't sure if I liked it. On a whim, I decided to wear it for the day at uni & promptly got three compliments, so it's definitely a keeper.
It's slightly too big for me, which along with the shoulder pads makes me feel like a camp Herman Munster. Which I obviously love! You can't really see it here, but it has a lovely glittery thread running through it which makes it extra cutesy.
The second coat I acquired recently has yet to actually be worn out of the house! I've been obsessed with those clear macs you always see very cool Twiggy-type girls wearing in 60s photographs, and I finally found this one (which has such a Louis Vuitton SS14 vibe!) on Maybe I will wear it soon, when we next get a spot of rain.
I really like the idea of being able to see my outfit underneath! Does anyone else get a bit annoyed having to put your coat on top of an excellent outfit? No? Just me then!
Sorry for the bad lighting in these photos! I have yet to really work out the best place to take pictures in my room, it's a slightly odd shape and has sloping ceilings and walls so there's not that many places I can actually stand up properly. I have a few outfit/clothes posts planned (including showing you what I got from the amazing Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop collection, eek!) but after that I think I'll do a little room tour to show you what it's like!
Hopefully see you soon, and not in another 8 weeks!