Sunday, 25 April 2010

i never rode my bike down to the sea

today my father returned home after being away the whole day & asked me why i was still wearing my pyjamas.
i was not still wearing my pyjamas.
i was actually wearing my new laura marling tshirt.
i really, really love it!
apart from the fact that it is seriously huge. i'm not kidding, it goes almost to my knees. they had no smalls left at the stall so i went for a medium. whatever, it's clearly a dude's medium.
it also says laura marling underneath the "i speak because i can" bit, but you can't see that because i had to tuck it into my skirt, so that you could actually see my skirt. i did tell you it was huge.
here's the whole outfit.
i put it with some turquoise tights (mother's) because some of the filled in bits of the letters (i literally have no idea how else to say that) are a really pretty blue/green colour which seemed to suit the tights.
i think they sort of go with the skirt as well, in a quirkyish way.
hey, it doesn't have to match!
also, hello curly hair.
i'm growing to like my hair now i think, although the fringe still sucks. so yay! for hair accessories.
i don't think i've actually put a photo up of this finished before, but anyway, this is a bag i bought in a charity shop & then added a chain & some ribbon to it. which i think (hope) is kind of cute.
anyways, i took this to the laura marling concert so obviously (in my head) this made sense for a themed outfit.
did anybody else watch frock me today? i thought it was bloody awesome, i love alexa chung & henry holland! it's great to have something british & fashiony on the telly again, & i loved marina & the diamonds' teddy bear print dress!
i've been doing quite a bit of sewing over the weekend for trials for my mock net curtain thing i'm making for my art project, i'll take a few photos & post them later in the week when i've got a bit more time.


  1. eeee loveee it! I wanted to go see Laura Marling near me but no one would go with me and now it's sold out! Did you get any pictures from the gig?
    I so put Frock Me in my diary and then was feeding the ducks so missed it! Good thing for 4od ! Did you know that it's the second series as well! :) xox

  2. i love your style! (kind of similar to mine :P quirkey tees with high waisted skirts!)
    frock me was rad XD haha alexa chung is the bomb and i really like marina's americana cheerleader style!

  3. OMG! I am in love with this outfit <3

  4. "...It's clearly a dude medium..."

    I seriously laughed out loud.

  5. thank you!

    yes i did see laura, but no photos as the place didn't allow it :(

    yay! frock me was sooo good!

    hahaa! well, it totally is!

  6. The message on that t-shirt is great. I also speak because I can.
    I love yur skirt, dear ♥

  7. i'm in love with that shirt too! i'd probably wear it all the time. And it truly is a perfect match with that skirt.

  8. your style is super cute. :]

  9. Very pretty outfit ^_^

  10. You look cute in the Laura MArling tshirt! Loving the new album more than the last. Took a few listens but I;m there! Love your blog. Come say hi at BORO. Ele x

  11. thank you (:
    yes, me too, she is so amazing!

  12. Awwww, I think your outfits adorable kinda giggled when I read that your dad thought you were still in your pajamas cause it's happened to me a few times as well

  13. I love Laura Marling, too. I think the skirt looks cute with the shirt. :)

  14. Ohhh, I love this t-shirt! Where I can buy this? Please answer! :)) I from Poland :)


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