Friday, 23 April 2010

all i have to do is dream

it's taken me a really long time to come up with a idea for my final piece in art, but today i think i made a bit of a breakthrough. as i said before, my title is windows and doorways but i think i've strayed from that slightly.
i found this picture on we heart it a while ago and, frankly, it's amazing. i think i'm going to do the girl in acrylics, then for the curtain i'm going to buy some netting & some flower motifs and sew them on. i'm not going to stick the curtain bit on though, i think i want it so that it can be lifted off. i actually hate things that are completely flat. i mean, i love drawing, but i'm really not all that good at it & i prefer to do something that has a bit more to it.
as you can have more than one final piece for this exam (and because you have to use at least some primary images), i'm going to draw this portrait in pencil. to make it a bit more interesting, i'm going to make some shutters (ie, some card flaps) that open up & put them over the top. i think i'm going to use oil pastel 'cause it gives a really good textured effect for wood, & my art teacher said i need to think about what to put on the back of the shutters.
i'm not sure what to do for this really. i was thinking as the expression on her face is kind of distressed, i should have a "trapped" theme? because then i could have a drawing on the back of the shutters that was her "dream", like maybe a landscape sort of thing.
hmmmm i really need to think this through. if you have any ideas, i'd really love to hear them!


  1. Charlotte, this idea is frigging amazing <3 x

  2. That sounds amazing, I especially love the idea for the first photo. Put a photo up when you're all finished!

  3. thank you!
    i certainly will (:

  4. Wow what an amazing idea! For the inside of the shutters you could use something to symbolise butterflies? That's a bit obvious but it's just a thought :) x

  5. thank you!
    yeah i think i want something to do with freedom, or maybe what she's thinking?
    ooh i like that! i was thinking maybe a dove but that's more of a peace thing, thanks for the ideas! (:


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