Tuesday, 20 April 2010

i wrote an epic letter to you

it's twenty two pages front and back, but it's too good to be used,
and i tried to be a girl who likes to be used, i'm too good for that,
there's a mind under this hat.
my friend jess & i went to see laura marling yesterday which was possibly one of the best concerts i have everrrrr been to! the theatre was a really old, really beautiful place so unfortunatley i wasn't allowed to take any photos, because a man shined a torch & shouted at me.
she was supported by an australian band called boy and bear who were a lovely folk group, reminscent of mumford & sons crossed with a bit of nick drake & bob dylan. so yeah, awesome. then there was another girl called alessi's ark which was a good act, but a little twee i think.
laura marling herself was lovely, she had two "act" type of things, first a country-folk set with her more lively numbers, and then an acoustic set which was just beautiful. she was really funny & lovely as well, i love it when artists actually connect with the audience, because really they owe most of their success to us, to be frank.
i thought some of the music was really inventive & original, she played quite a few new songs (for another new album out later this year, eeep!) & her backing band - who seemed to be made up of lots of other different bands, probably given to her "troubles with the fiddle player" who i presume is her ex charlie fink of noah & the whale - seemed to be made up of all the other acts that night. there were double basses, bass guitars played as cellos, maracas & banjos everrrrywhere!
oh, i bought a tshirt as well which hopefully i will post about at the weeeeeekend.

sorry if this post is a bit long & picture-less, but it's been a while since i truly wrote something here.
today i had my spanish oral exam, which i was super nervous about but i think it went pretty well! managed to get a bit of imperfect subjunctive in there, woop! we all had to meet the examiner before our speaking tests, which was good as he was really funny & lovely. he was from liverpool (hello, beatledom), liked ballroom dancing with the woman he loves (his words, not mine!) & looked a LOT like santa claus! i manage to make him laugh in the actualy oral bit, which was pretty good, i think.
basically he asked me something about marriages & i reeled off an answer which included "no estoy segura, porque obviamente no tengo un marido" (translation: i'm not sure, because obviously i don't have a husband) & he laughed & followed with "no es obvio!" (translation: it is not obvious).
clearly, i was well in there.


  1. I LOVE Laura Marling--thanks to you!!!

  2. ahaha, i hope you did well in your oral! ive got mine in 2 weeks, tengo miedo!!!! :P
    i'm listening to laura marling right now :) do you have her latest album? would you recommend i buy it (i dont usually buy albums due to lack of dosh :P)

  3. oh yay! i feel so proud B)

    ahh i'm sure you'll do fine, they aren't quite as bad as they seem!
    yes i do, i really would recommend it, but you could always listen to the singles first to see if you like those. devil's spoke & rambling man are my favourites (:


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