Sunday, 11 April 2010

it's only rock & roll

i went to the beach yesterday which was grrrrreat. i'll post a few pictures later maybe, i didn't take my camera so i'll have to steal everybody else's photos!
we did a bit of shopping in town as well, & i bought a little bit more than i meant to.
i am finally the owner of abbey road on vinyl, this makes me very very happy.
i just love this record so much, i listened to it today & it honestly just sounds better on a record player. the sound is deeper somehow, i don't know how to describe it.
i think the artwork is beautiful too. so simple, but just lovely. i love the sense of humour in it too, the girl walking past covering the oh-so-secret postcode.
continuing the music-y theme of my purchases, i also bought the laura marling NME. i don't normally buy it, but i had to seeing as laura was on the front. i actually found it really interesting reading about different musicians' takes on the music industry (apart from rihanna, seriously, just stop talking).
another spur of the moment purchase was this quite lovely straw boater from primark (yes, primark. i know, i know). i don't really like the black band it has, i think i may replace it with a more colourful ribbon because, well, i like colour. and also because it'll make it look less primark-y.
i got this rolling stones tshirt in the post yesterday, it was 99p from drink tea be content's ebay.
i really love it, it has such cute sleeves!
love the sewn on rolling stones logo!
i love the worn-ness of the tshirt, you can only really get that genuine vintage look (even if it's not vintage!) from ebay, or by thrifting. i also adorrre the obscure design.
i apologise for the image heavy post today, but i had much news to share (:
oh, and thank you to amber of error for my award, it is very very appreciated dear!


  1. awesome hat! i have one from topshop which is pretty similar!

  2. love your t shirt! i like the worn out scruffy effect too, very hard to find! haha :P
    your hat is cool, i wish i had a head that suited snazzy hats such as these :P

  3. thank youu!
    ahh i never used to suit them either, only after i chopped all my hair off haha!

  4. Have been meaning to get a framed poster of the Abbey Rd cover for years and not got round to it yet. Used to have a postcard of it in the living room and a friend once asked if it was a pic of my dad and his mates - I wish!! x

  5. ahhh i wish too!
    i think i need some framed pictures of the boys too (:

  6. My Mum has all The Beatles vinyls, albums and singles. You might call her obsessed...

  7. hahaa! that's me too i'm afraid *^^*

  8. Don't worry, me too :)
    I had SUCH a spaz attack when I went to Liverpool! :L

  9. ahh yes! been there, done that, bought several tshirts.


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