Thursday, 8 April 2010

bubble toes

la la laaaaa.
today was a bit nothingy, i went to a spanish oral revision thing at school which was really helpful (& made me less bloody terrified). there was only three of us there which was a bit awkward as me & one of the guys are really good friends, but we both seriously don't get on with the other dude. it actually wasn't too bad though, as he wasn't as insufferable as he normally is.
after that me & my friend went for a bit of a walk around which was great because he is HILARIOUS & it was lovely & sunny.
then i went & bought some minstrels to get change for the photo booth, so that i could get the photo taken i need for my driver's license - which i am FINALLY sending off for tomorrow, yaaaay!
also, i was going to buy the new NME with laura marling on the cover (they're having a new look re-launch kinda thing, & there are 10 different covers) but they didn't have it, bummer.
sorry for this rather lengthy depiction of my day, i promise i didn't intend to ramble as much! now to the crux of today's post; ebaaay!
i've become obsessed with buying music on ebay recently, i think because often it's so much cheaper than buying from HMV & it is a better alternative to free downloading because it doesn't make me feel bad (:
anyway, i bought brushfire fairytales by jack johnson & i walk the line (remastered) by johnny cash, which are both excellent albums.
i've been looking for a genuine vintage pocket watch on ebay for some time now so i can make my own version of the necklaces you see everywhere these days, but they're all either stupidly expensive or there are too many bidders. i found this cute sewing machine clock which i'm going to make a necklace out of, along with some pearly beads, when i get the time.
this was my outfit for today, with the skirt i got for my birthday.
the weather was being really weird today, so i decided to stick with tights. although i think for my beach excursion on saturday i will be braving the bare legs, eek!
skirt - gift, tights - dorothy perkins, vv brown tshirt - concert, cardigan - h&m, necklace - car boot sale.
adieu dears, i am off to watch the lovely russell howard, have a lovely weekedn everyone! (:


  1. I am in love with that sewing machine clock <3
    Also, loving the outfit esp. the tights!
    I'm looking EVERYWHERE for a pair of them!

  2. Very cute outfit - love the skirt! Ive bought a few things off of Ebay, never cds. Might try it sometime. Enjoy your purchases :)

  3. thank you :D
    you should try buying cds some time!

  4. I love the skirt ;)

    you look hot in it :P

  5. I love that little clock so much!

  6. I love your outfit.
    Your blog is lovely!


  7. omg! i lovelovelove jack johnson!
    i was going to go see him in concert but then paolo nutini annouced a tour. and you know how obsessed i am (a)
    love the skirt and your outfit!
    amber xox

  8. oooh forgot to say, i've given you an award on my blog! :)))

  9. *sigh*
    You always wear the sweetest outfits! Btw great music taste, Walk the Line is an amazing album, enjoy :)

  10. the skirt
    the room
    everything so funny and sweet :)
    p.s i am following youuu ;)

  11. ohhh thank you all so much! :D


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