Monday, 5 April 2010

i'd like to thank the academy

i know i've been posting sporadically lately, & for this i do apologise. i've been feeling rather listless of late, with only school & exams on the horizon. but have no fear! i will be venturing out to the beach next saturday, & i have some gems arriving from ebay shortly so i shall post about those (hopefully!) in due course.
first, i'd like to say an amazingly huge thank youuuu! to the lovely people who have given me awards (:
i keep forgetting to post about them, but please don't think this is because i'm not grateful!
i received this you're so lovely award from amber at error. thank you amber!
i have to award 6 people so, here goes;
a beautiful mess
much love
thoughts from an addict
and fashion peach

i also received this award from laura at stars & shoes and from kat at fashion peach. thank you both very much, this does mean an awful lot to me :')
now i have to pass this on to 12 others;
a daisy chain dream
a thought is the blossom
because geography case studies suck
abbey karson blog
drink tea be content
oh emma
in bug's drawers
jess loves fred
la petite fille avec la vie de la mode
leaves with stripes
now that my mammoth tagging session is over, i leave you with promises of posts yet to come.
& thank you from the bottom of my heart for these awards - to me it's still a surprise that people actually want to read about my silly little ramblings!


the wrote and the writ.