Sunday, 29 November 2009


i've just started this art project for my A level which is all about personal identity.
basically it's anything to do with yourself, but i've been a bit uninspired lately for the preliminary sketches we're meant to be doing, so today i did some sewing instead.
here it is, my little CND sewing project.
i'm actually quite proud of it, although it did take me aaaages to do.
i've never posted any of my art stuff before, so i thought this may be a good time a time as any to start :)
last night i went to see ed byrne, an irish comedian, with two very good friends of mine. it was sososo funny & i had an awesome night, except my throat is now raw from laughing. he said so many funny things that i wish i could remember & quote here, but i really can't! his dvd is going straight on my christmas list!
oh my, it's my grade two guitar exam tomorrow, eeeek!
must go do some practise now, byeeeeee.

Friday, 27 November 2009


i have felt sooooo ill recently it's kind of ridiculous, but today i was trying to be positive because i have got my self a newwww haircut!
*cheesy grin*
now let's recap, this is the old 'do.
flat, dull & growing out - i think you'll agree.
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's the new one!
eeep! i laaaav it!
it's so curly & volumey, FINALLY my hairdresser cut it how i wanted it!
(dodgy pose i know, but i have nowhere else to put the camera)
close up of those ringlets of mine.
i used to really, and i mean really, hate my hair, but now it's my favourite thing about myself.
it has a mahoooosive amount of hairdressery products in it at the moment (wax, mousse, hairspray, you know the drill) mind, so i need to give it a good purge. i do love it though, it's so much more effortless - i can literally get up & do nothing to it.

it's my brother's (and my god, jimi hendrix's) birthday today so me & the family went out for a curry, which was pretty lovely.
i really should be going to bed seeing as i only managed to get 4 hours sleep last night : but there's a collection of relaxing documentaries on about johnny cash, who i just adore, so i may have to stay up for that.
ohhhh he just did a duet with bob dylan! ♥

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

are you an affectionless psychopath?

today i went to a psychology conference with my school, it was actually really interesting.
it was basically a lecture about affectionless psychopathy, criminology & why criminals do the things they do.
the first woman speaker was really interesting, she was talking about early experiences & how they can shape the things you do in life (like we're doing in psych at the moment). she was also talking about the "psychopath test" & what affectionless psychopaths behaviour is, which i actually found really really fascinating.
there were also a couple of criminal speakers who were really eye-opening, one of them was clearly a psychopath (in the correct terminology, not in an insulting way) & the other guy was very surprisingly a murderer.
i say surprisingly because he was the guy leading the talk & he seemed very, well, normal.
it was such a good day, i had candyfloss too :)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

an education

gosh, it's been a while since my last post.
it was children in need on friday so our school had a non uniform day with a spotty theme. a few people dressed up in costumes, as you can see above, to raise money.
i've just realised it must look like i always wear that skirt on here, but i assure you i do have other clothes.
yesterday, myself & a few friends went out to the cinema to watch an education.
it was a pretty good film, although it did get a bit weird in places, partly because the older man wasn't really hot enough & it just ended up getting a liiiiittle bit odd.
the sixties wardrobe was amazing, these were my two favourite outfits of the film.

see what i mean? he just wasn't hot enough to pull off the role.
this dress was my absolute favourite, apparently all the clothes in the film were genuine vintage clothes.
the dad was the funniest thing in the film though, he had some absolute classic quotes!
it was quite an eventful day, first i went into town myself to do a bit of art shopping but i was very disappointed with the things i found so i stormed off to h&m because i had money burning a hole in my pocket. i bought some pretty fingerless gloves (which i will post pictures of some time) so i can work my ipod on the way to school but still with warm hands.
then, when i met up with my friends, we discovered that the film was an hour earlier than we thought so we had no time to eat - which resulted in the buying of all sorts of unhealthy things & the sneaking of chinese food into the cinema.
it was all in all a very amusing day, as we got the giggles at various inappropriate moments in the film.
i also got very excited when the trailer for the new john lennon film came on screen - i just cannot wait for that to come out!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

hair bear bunch

i've been thinking of ways to perk up my hair as it has been driving me insaaane recently (see the post below) so i bought these lovelies off

i am a bit of a bow fiend so add some sequins & well, you'll have to hold me back because there's no way i'm letting them get away.

i was quite tempted by this vintage looking flower headband, but i'm not quite sure about the whole it-goes-around-your-head-not-on-top-of-it thing. i don't really think my hair would suit it, but i may just buy it & stick it on a clip cause i do love the sequinyness.

i like the feather one too, it's just so colourful & awesome.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

time for a change

i am so sick of my hair at the moment it's unreal.
the layers have all grown out & it keeps popping up into an annoying mushroom cloudy thing whenever i'm not alert.
i've booked an appointment at my hairdressers (with the only hairdresser that doesn't ruin hair, yes!) for next friday & i have decided to go for a rather dramatic(ish) new look. it's kind of like a curly mop thing that's all built up on top of my head, it looks better than it sounds honestly.
this is me getting steadily more annoyed with the state of my hair.
actually, it wasn't looking too bad at this point.
it's so unreliable.

baby there's a shark in the water

now, about that concert i went to last wednesday, you may or may not remember i said i bought a shirt there.
that's right, it's band tshirt time.
(or singer tshirt time, but that doesn't sound as good)
i am actually in love with this tshirt, the illustration on it is rather beautiful.
i also love how it doesn't have vv brown's name on it, so unless you know who she is, you don't understand the tshirt.
i love obscure things like that, i'm such a dork B)
...those are geek glasses by the way, obviously.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

tie a ribbon around the old oak tree

my lovely mother went to a fair thingy in harrogate & brought me back a bag of ribbon offcuts.
i love bows so i went into a bit of what can only be described as an "eek frenzy" at the prospect of so many jewellery/badge adornments.

i think it must of been from some kind of wedding favour collection as there were little cards & lots of ribbons with names & dates on.
i can't wait to get my proverbial creative freak on with this little lot! :)

Friday, 13 November 2009

travelling like the light

yay! my internet is now being less slow & horrible today my photos are uploading pretty much without incident.
this may be a bit of a photo heavy post actually, but here goes.
on wednesday night i went to a concert with my friend (and then met up with a couple of friends when we got there) to see vv brown. if you haven't heard of her, which i suspect most people haven't because she is rather undeservedly unknown, i strongly recommend you look her up. her music is like retro pop with a bit of an indie twist, she's got a very soulful voice too.
that's t'outfit above, nothing new just reshuffled.

this was her first support act, jade brown. i have a bit of an inkling that she & vv (real name vanessa) are related somehow because, well, they share last names, and she was selling vv tshirts after the gig (one of which i bought, photos to followww!).

the second support act were called the stow, and they were actually really good! i didn't think i would like them cause i'm not reaaally that into hiphoppy type music, but they had some great songs & were rather amusing with their danceyness.
the lead singer, the dude with his hood up, and the drummer were pretty hot too, which is always a bonus.
the girls had some pretty awesome dress sense too, i saw a sequined blazer & a lovely swing vest top going on there.

she came on in this mask, how bloody amazing is that?
this photo isn't mine - i found it on flickr - as sadly mine went all weird & blurry.
it was such an amazing set, she was so full of energy!
i definitely need to go & buy her album, i felt like such a non-fan only knowing 4 of her songs!
she did a lovely acoustic version of crying blood on her one stringed guitar called stringy which is apparently what she wrote her entire album with.
i do quite love her jumpsuit, it had big shoulders & sparkly bits round the neckline.

she disappeared halfway throught the set & came back with a parasol, a proper japanese paper one.

my faaaavourite photo of the night :)

tambourine time!

she got up on the speakers at the end of the show, it was so awesome.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

folk it up baby

arghhh my internet is being quite ridiculously slow tonight so i can't do the post i was going to, which was about a concert i went to last night.
hopefully it'll be working properly soon so i can put my pictures up, it was a really awesome night so i need to document it somehow.
a lovely email i got this evening was from lady luck rules ok, a jewellery & craft website which i just adorrrre, about their new folk inspired jewellery collection.
i am a rather huge folk fan (bob dylan? joan baez? laura marling? oh, yes please) so this was a pretty pleasant surprise.
this folk guitar name necklace (there's a brooch version too) is my favourite, i think it will be finding its way onto my christmas list!
(even though it only has four strings, grrrrr. is it just me that hates little inaccuracies like that?)
i just love these darling little fawn brooches.

to quote the bob;
love - zero/no limit
(it's a fraction guys. who knew a songwriting genius would be so into maths?)

Sunday, 8 November 2009

viva escotia

i hate the way i always start my posts with either "yesterday" or "today". it really is so very dull, but i can't think of another way of expressing things that have happened.
oh well, here goes.
for my auntie's 50th birthday yesterday, we drove up to scotland, about 10 miles out of edinburgh, for a surprise birthday dinner for her.
my auntie is just the funniest person ever, she's unbelievably loud & feisty, as my dad says she's the epitome of a scottish woman.
it was a really good day, i caught up with lots of family i haven't seen in ages - like my cousin who has just invited me to stay with her down in london, she lives in spitalfields & apparently there are loads of vintage markets which she said i would just adore! she's just as mad as my auntie, she's 10 years older than me but she still acts like a teenager.
it was quite dressy-uppy, so i was in a bit of a quandary as what to wear as i always tend to over do it.
after much outfit changing, i went for my grey wool dress & some pale blue tights. before we left, i put on a blue cardigan & some red shoes which i kind of forgot to take a picture of, silly me.
this dress is growing on me slightly, i got it as a present last christmas from the mother & really didn't think much of it but now i pretty much adore it! i think it's the 40s kind of feel to it.

Friday, 6 November 2009

let it always be known that i was who i am

yesterday was a day i have been looking forward to for aaaages!
yes, it was the long awaited laura marling concert.
i wore this to go to the concert, nothing new but i tried to go for a bit of a folky feel, hence the bob dylan tshirt & the flowers.


this was the support support (if you see what i mean). they were called the wave pictures & they were really rather good, i bought one of their cds.
my favourite lyric of theirs was: "a sculpture is a sculpture/marmalade is marmalade/a sculpture made of marmalade is a sculpture but it is not marmalade.
music should be humourous i think :)

oh my, she was so good.
this was the bit where she was saying hello & stuff, i was serrrrriously star struck.
her oufit was pretty awesome too, you can't really see on the photo but she was wearing an oversized black jumper & some rather cute pink loafer things.

i think this was when she was telling us about her guitar technician guy who polished her guitar while he was tuning it.
"i feel like i'm blinding you with my bling!"

tuning up.

this was the last photo i took of her playing, she was only on for 30 minutes!
it was one of her new songs which i hadn't heard before, it was really lovely.
i actually can't wait for her new album, i can tell already it's going to be amazing.
she did quite a few songs that i didn't think she would do, like rambling man, which is my favourite song of hers.
i was trying to see what chords she was doing so i could have a go at playing it, it didn't actually look too difficult.

i had to get a shot of her picking up her whiskey obviously.
i have to say, that was one of the most amazing nights of my life. i can't wait to see her again, she was just unbelievably good.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

i heart vinyl

a possible future tattoo perhaps?

Sunday, 1 November 2009

hallowe'en; part two

in the evening, i had another hallowe'en evening which was a bit bizarre (must be the spirits twisting things hmm?), it was me, a friend of mine & some a collection of friends of friends who i'd never met before.
it was quite amusing though.
it was a little bit chillier outside so i swapped the skirt for some trousers & a different tshirt.
just a quick photo as the light was fading.
cardigan - h&m, £9.99
tshirt - a christmas present from my sister
trousers - h&m, £14.99
close up of the shirt, i do absolutely love it. it goes with practically anything because of all the different colours in it.

tonight i made some jewellery (which i have really really missed doing!) from some hallowe'eny creature things i got from a friend.
this is kelly the skeleton, she's very pleased to meet you.

this is the bat necklace i made for my friend (the one who gave me the creatures in the first place).
i kind of wish i had dressed up for hallowe'en this year, it makes me feel too grown-up to be in normal clothes on all hallows eve!

hallowe'en; part one

happy belated hallowe'en everyone!
my picnic was lovely, although i can't get any photos on here because my computer is being a bit difficult, so it's just an outfit post for now.
my face is a tad sickening in this picture.
nothing new outfitwise apart from my flowery shoes which arrived on friday much to my excitement.
tshirt - ebay, 99p
cardigan - h&m, £9.99
skirt - topshop, £10
tights - no idea, i think they were a gift from the mother
flower in hair - h&m, £1.99 for two
vintage necklace - 50p
i do love this skirt, i think it translates from summer to autumn quite well.

the shoes!

oh, i love them so much.

these are the cakes i bought for our picnic, they were so lovely!
i had about three today because we had lots left over.

they had the cutest little star, pumpkin & bat shaped sprinkles on, just lovely.