Tuesday, 29 January 2013

They've opened shops down west side, will all the cacti find a home?

This weekend, as a little celebration for finishing my (only!) exam, I went to the Sheffield Vintage Fair, which turned out to be a sale special! Anyway, I bought a few pretty things & I thought I'd share them with you!
The first piece I bought was this pretty, sheer blouse! It's very delicate and is a lovely pastel (of course) lilac colour, the lady on the stall said it was an original 1960s one, but I'm not too sure whether to believe that or not, I'll have to wait to ask my mum & see when she thinks it's from.
It has some unbelievably cute sparkly purple buttons too, and a sweet little collar.
I also bought this super cute/super tacky/super amazing brooch! I am actually in love with it, it's too cute for words, although sadly the picture doesn't do it much justice. It has sequins, pearly beads and white, cream and pink flower beads.  I LOVE IT. And judging from the clasp on the back, I do think it's actually quite old.
I bought this scarf from the same stall as the blouse for £1, I just couldn't resist the pretty pastel colours! (Even after I told the person I was with I wasn't going to buy any more scarves as I have way too many already).
This might be my favourite purchase, I think! I'm absolutely positive I saw it at the last fair I went to in September, and as the name of the stall holder was really familiar I'm pretty sure it was the same one! I really regretted not buying it when I first saw it then, but I'm so pleased I have it now! It's such an unusual print, I'm contemplating hanging it on my wall in some way when I'm not wearing it because it's just so beautiful!
Like I said, I've finished my exams & lectures don't start again until Monday (which also happens to be my 20th birthday, urghhh), so I'm hopefully going to take pictures of all the things I want to post about & then schedule more posts! Yay! I'm off for a meal with my Literature babes now, see you soon!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate

Hello again! Sorry, I know I said I'd post more, but I was really ill for the last week before I came back to Sheffield (like, not being able to stand without keeling over ill) and with essays and things I was just in over my head a bit, and didn't really have time to sort any posts out. But anyway, yeah, here I am posting now!! Woo!! 
I bought this skirt (and another one) from ASOS a couple of weeks ago in the sale. I love it! It's a really good length and just really comfortable to wear. I don't really know why I chose to mention those criteria first?! But, yeah, it's lovely. I don't have anything this kind of aqua green shade, but I think it will fit really well with all my other pastelly things.
I have to say, one of the main reasons I bought it is because the embroidery detail is so similar to the details in Louis Vuitton's Spring Summer 2012 collection. Also, buying summery things is my way of pretending that it is not actually winter? (Even though it's been snowing loads for the past two days, and one of my new hobbies is laughing at southerners who can't cope with the cold)
The green colour is so similar to the first look, and the embroidery is really similar (except slightly bigger/better) to the second.
Pretty aqua green again and beautiful feathery goodness I wish I could somehow work out how to sew onto my skirt.
Jumper - vintage, skirt - ASOS, tights - Dorothy Perkins
~Me doing an awkward pose to show you the rest of my outfit~ I brought my big camera & remote control (which is out of batteries!? Sigh) to Sheffield but not my tripod, so outfit pictures may be really interestingly shot for a little while. I just thought my outfit was really cute today, kind of what a librarian from the 80s with a penchant for 50s skirts would wear if she didn't have a strict dress code. And also really liked pastels. (I think I just basically described myself? Good)
It's revision period (or whatever universities call it, I don't really know) right now, and I only have one exam so depending on what I'm up to I might be able to post a bit more! So far my revision schedule has consisted of me updating my drag queen Spotify playlist, lip syncing to Madonna & watching Peep Show right from series one, so I might be able to squeeze a post in somewhere. I have a list of things to show you/post about, so hopefully I can! (: