Tuesday, 29 June 2010

lest we forget

just a teensy post this evening, parce que i won't be able to post tomorrow night as i am off to see jack johnson
*squeals rather melodramatically*
i've been a bit busy the past few days (i know, i know, such a cliche), but for a worthwhile cause!

this is what i've been working on, my mood board for the still life part of my art a-level. basically, they put loaaads of stuff in the middle of our study room (a ladder, skulls, scales, bottles, corks, feathers, plants, sheet music, rocks & more even more random things) & we chose which parts we liked best & made studies of them.

i really liked the poppy heads, especially as the light in the art room gave them a slightly blue-ish hue.
this is the photograph i'm drawing for my final piece in oil pastel. i know oil pastel sounds a tad child-with-crayons, but i love it if it's all blended together. sort of like a cross between coloring pencils & acrylic paint, or at least that's what my little mixed up mind likes to make of it.
that's all for today i'm afraid, my laptop battery cable is utterly broken (possibly) beyond repair & i have to literally squeeze the two pieces together to keep the battery charging! now, i'm sure this can't be safe & it's certainly making my fingers very sore & hot. i'll sign off now to ensure i don't get electrocuted or something.
oh dear, what an ominous note to end this on!
goodnight, and also good day to you all, sirs. or maybe madams?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

while my guitar gently weeps

last saturday my awesome friend joanna (who has quite the booty rave obsession) had an end of exams type celebration party. it's taken me a while to post about this, & i won't bore you again with my excuses but i assure you they exist! anyways, it was actually a truly amazing night - which was proclaimed on facebook many a time by my rather more inebriated friends, which caused us sober ones much amusement.

beatles vest - h&m, anchors vest (underneath) - primark, tights - dorothy perkins, shorts - zara kids department (they're a bit of a squeeze!), hat - primark, lace bow - the grainger market.
so, yeah, this is what i wore. sorry for the total camera-face block out thing, but this was just a photo taken to help me decide what to wear when i was changing outfits & all. i think i may just be in love with this oversized beatles vest, i bought it the same day & changed my outfit plans around it, ha! it's from h&m & was about £13, i think i'll be able to switch it round with leggings & wear it as a dress tooooooo (:

straw hat wearers unite.

i think we took about 600 photos? that's not even exaggerating - there's like 6 albums on the aforementioned social networking site & one called on the floor? has to be my favourite. it's just a series of photos of us, well, on the floor. it runs a bit like a stop motion film if you flick through them fast enough, i might even be tempted to make one if i knew how (*hint* help would be appreciated, if anbody knows).

having a bit rave on t'floor.

i love this, which is weird 'cause normally i hate posed photos of me as i neverrrr look acceptable.
this is also quite cool as in our "group" we kind of have a family tree of marriages & things, & we're standing in that order! so my "wife" is the bottom right, lovely girl that she is.

never let it be said that i don't know how to party.

Friday, 18 June 2010

yes we're going to a party party

good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening!
i finally have my laptop back & running reasonably well, so now i can catch up with the posts i've been planning for a couple days. my mum's friend heard that i'm a pretty big sixties nerd, so she passed on a few things she thought i might like.
and, oh boy, do i like them.

a twiggy dress-up book (probably for ten year oldish girls from the sixties, but i can pretend) & a beatles programme from when she went to see the band in 1965!

the book has lots of lovely cut outs of clothes i wouldn't have minded owning myself - like that freakin' awesome pink suit-dress-thing.

the beatles programme is one of the loveliest things i have ever come across - it really means so much to me that i can actually own things like this. my parents & grandparents weren't big beatles fans, so the only way i can find out about them is to go looking myself & often the real stuff is far too expensive for my humble pockets. 'cause, i don't know if you've noticed, but stuff from these guys is in pretty high demand.
anyway, it's full of loads of black & white photographs of the boys & my mum's friend even included her actual ticket. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!

i'm only 45 years late, sigh.

aaaaaand the programme came with some mini posters of the boys themselves! (although none of them but george look all that happy)
today is actually paul mccartney's 68th birthday (and the birthday of a good friend of mine too!), so happy happy birthday paul, i've got my playlist of beatle lovelyness on in your honour (:

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

pippi shortsocks

oh, my word. i realise i said that i would post about my purchases "tomorrow" on saturday, & it is now wednesday. i am very sorry, but i do have a legitimate excuse! mother sent  my laptop away to be fixed on monday for a few days without checking with me, which has made things very interesting this week. i hope to get it back tomorrow so i can post to my heart's content (which is good, because i have quite a few things to talk about).
back to those purchases of mine.

mostly i was just browsing because i haven't really got the money at the moment for an all-out shopping spree, but i bought some lace socks as i think they're pretty cute. i found some absolutely a-ma-zing dusty pink brogues in topshop which i think they would look really good with (and also that i could wear to my auntie's wedding next month), but i will need to go back with the father as they were £55.

how cute are these earrings?
i like bows, i like anchors, i like flowers, clearly i had to buy these!
i think i was relatively restrained with my purchases this week! although i did see a beatles let it be vest from h&m, which i actually must buy without a doubt!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

right as rain

it's so nice to legitimately have nothing to do, instead of feeling guilty that i should be revising or learning spanish vocabulary. even reading used to be a chore for english, as i had to constantly analyse the book & its language features as i went along. granted, this will all start again from monday but i'm enjoying my freedom while i can!
yesterday it was lovely & sunny, so i walked to the shops to buy some sweeties & a look magazine & then i sat outside reading whilst feeling far too suncreamed up.

this is what i wore - and no, i don't have ridiculously pale legs (although they're only a shade pinker) i was wearing some tights before i realised how warm it was outside.
i've been on the look out for an eiffel tower tshirt (i know, i am a hipster cliché) for quite some time now, but they've all been a bit pricey or not my taste. in the end, i decided to gamble & buy this one from matalan because it was rather cheap, & i do quite like it. i'm not quite sure how to wear it as of yet, as it's kind of see through & if i'm not careful i could end up looking like a sack of potatoes.
i've been wearing my playsuit underneath it, which i think looks alright, but i'll definitely be investing in some plain vests to wear with it in the future as the playsuit is made of quite thick material & that could be sweltering if the weather gets any hotter.
outfit details; tshirt - matalan, playsuit (underneath) - vintage via ebay, tights - unknown, bow - homemade.

i'm getting quite bored with my hair at the moment, it's kind of in that inbetween stage where it's too short to be long but also too long to be short. i like having it tied up in bows, so i found this piece of lace ribbon i had left over from my art exam & improvised.
edit; i like how you can see my abbey road poster in the background :')
i went shopping today with my friends & bought a couple of cute things, but i'll post about those tomorrow when i have more of a chance to take photos.
au revoir mes amies! bisous.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

keep calm & imagine peace.

my exams finished today!
i am so so so incredibly pleased they are over, and psychology wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be this morning!
at first i wasn't quite sure what to do with myself - i haven't had a day when i didn't have work to do in months! tomorrow is going to be a complete skive day; i'm going to watch eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, nowhere boy and gilmore girls while eating loads of kettle chips & sweets. then i'm going to experiment with curling my hair while listening to billie holiday, she & him and belle & sebastian on spotify (which i am now completely addicted to!).
then hopefully on saturday my friends & i will be off shopping in town - which i have not done since march!
i can honestly sign this post off with a smile, and hope if you have exams, they go as well as you would like (:
here are some lovely inspiring pictures that cheered me up while i was (meant to be) revising.
i need that bag in my life, so much.
i absolutely love this print! i used to be such a huge elvis fan, if anybody knows where this is from pleeease let me know!
n'awww. the beatles were the original bromantics.
my new mantra.
i love zooey deschanel, so much. and i need to find myself a pair of those glasses.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

it's been a hard day's night.

try a hard day's week ringo! i have two exams out of the way now & only one to go. i just can't wait 'til they're over - and neither can you probably, as you'll be sick to death of hearing me blabber on about them! my english literature paper went quite well today, i managed to make use of the wider reading texts i knew the best, although the poetry section was a bit iffy i'm hoping i've done well. fingers crossed to the max over here.
last weekend my beatles dvds i ordered arrived, which made me so unbelievably ridiculously happy!
even though i accidentally ordered the wrong one because my eyes skipped straight to the low price on amazon, instead of the item description. never making that mistake again!

a hard day's night!
i was actually quite ashamed that i had never since this before saturday, seeing as i'm supposed to this big beatles fan and all. it is now quite firmly in my top ten favourite films of all time list (which is a pretty big deal, let me tell you) not just because it features my boys john paul george & ringo, but because it's so cute, so funny, and so beautiful. people don't tend to know this, but this film actually kind of changed cinema. it was quite revolutionary in its time, as it didn't have much of a storyline, was quite surreal & featured a lot of improvised filming. thanks to richard lester (the director), this kind of thing has become quite normal in our culture. in fact, many of the films i love have this kind of structure.

this is the dvd i ordered incorrectly. i thought it was the beatles' film a magical mystery tour, but it's actually a documentary about the making of their album of the same name. i love beatles documentaries, don't get me wrong, but it was still kind of disappointing as i wanted to see the psychedelic madness of their bus based adventures.
i'm not quite sure what to with this dvd, as it was only £4 i may as well watch it & keep it instead of sending it back. i may sell it/donate it to charity at some point, i'm undecided.
these two are joining my (ever growing, but still quite small) collection of beatles related dvds. so far i have nowhere boy;

a film which i adore, even if it isn't completely accurate. i just love the soundtrack, and the direction. i think i read somewhere that sam taylor-wood had a different colour palette for each of the main characters, which really shows when you watch it back. i love little details like that. also, it makes me so very happy to know that i have been to the places where it was filmed - including lennon's house!

my mother bought nowhere boy for me, and it came with this little photo book! it's so cute, and it has little biographies of the main actors which is pretty cool - even though i think poor thomas brodie sangster (who plays paul mccartney in the film) has been slightly shortchanged as his biography is only 3 lines.

one of my favourite photos in the book; the "nowhere boys" rehearsing their songs for the film. those 3 with the guitars play paul, george & john respectively.
i hope to be getting back to posting more regularly by the end of this week, i'll have more free time (hopefully!) and more things planned.
thank you all for bearing with me! and hello to my new follower (:

Thursday, 3 June 2010

you said you'd marry me, if i were twenty three

last sunday, my friends and i went to evolution, which is our local festival. it was really good, even though the weather totally sucked so i couldn't wear my pre-selected festival outfit (yes, i plan them in advance sometimes).
we were really really cold so we sat for a bit & just listened to the music, i think we heard twenty twenty (who weren't very good in my opinion, but then it wasn't really my sort of music) and frankie & the heartstrings who sounded pretty good! then we stood and watched the futureheads - local boys! - and, please don't judge me on this, tinchy stryder. i'm really not a fan, but we were the only ones in our bit of the crowd who were actually dancing, which is always amusing. after that we saw calvin harris, while standing next to some completely nutty scottish people, who very nearly headbutted me. twice. lovely.
then we saw paolo nutini who really was amazing! i love him so much, & have done since the first album, i'm not one of those i-love-him-now-he's-mainstream fans. that's right, tracksuits of newcastle, i'm looking at you.

wrapped up warm & eating chips.

sheltering from the copious rain.

there is always, always time for silly faces.

paolo on stage! i love the way he sings, and that scottish accent, oh my.

most of the pictures i took were of the screen, as i just couldn't see the stage well enough, what with people walking around all over the place.

just look at the passion on that face, swoooon.

it was a cracking day, & i can now die happy after seeing paolo (:
my cousin is going to latitude with her parents, and as they're hiring a campervan they said i could go with them if i buy a ticket! hopefully i'll get some money together, i think the weekend ticket is about £200, which is a bit steep for my lowly bank account unfortunately. i really would like to go though, to see belle & sebastian, florence & the machine, laura marling and mumford & sons. too awesome a line up for words.
thank you to all of my followers, it really means so much that there are over 50 of you now! to officially say thank you, i'd like to do a giveaway, but i'll have to think of something special to give away first!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

europop is my life

or not.
this post is quite delayed, as i've been absent from the interweb world for about 3 days now - due to festivals (photos of which will be up here in the next few days hopefully, as soon as everyone's go up on that dreaded social networking site) & computer incompetance.
my friend had a eurovision song contest gathering last saturday & we all watched it together. if you watched it, you may have seen that the united kingdom came rather embarrassingly last, with only dix poit. but i was dressed as france, & they did rather well!
i was pretty pleased with my france inspired outfit actually, basically it's just nautical clothing with eiffel tower adorned accessories.
playsuit - ebay, tshirt - h&m, tights - mother's (but possibly of marks & spencer origin), scarf - vintage fair, necklace - gift, hair bow - asos, earrings - sugar & vice designs.
i actually love any excuse to dress up, fancy dress especially. i never had many dressing up clothes as a kid, which i think is why i adore it so much as an "adult".

the lighting in my room is terrible (curse you dim lampshades and energy saving lightbulbs!) so i apologise for the bad photographs. of course, i had to have an obligatory pose with my eiffel tower souvenir - £1 from a charity shops, thank you very much!

i really love the way the gold of this neckalce goes with the yellow fleur de lises (spelling fail), well in my head it does anyway! i thought the gingham mismatch looked pretty cute too, i do love a spot of gingham, perhaps because it reminds me of my first school days? without getting too lolita about it, obviously.

where would a good french outfit be without a curly moustache, i ask you? nowhere, that's where. a guy in the year above me has this tattooed on his finger, which i think is insanely cool! i'd love to get a quirky tattoo like this, even though hand tattoos are supposed to be unbelievably excruciating, & they fade a lot too apparently.
also - i don't know why this important, but it felt worth mentioning - this may be one of the only photos on here where i am actually wearing make up, shocker!
bonjour to you all (and i mean this in the literal sense), i hope you're all having lovely days wherever you are - and those of you with exams like me, i wish you much luck! i should be revising right now actually, but sadly i fall victim to a lot of procrastination these days! i've taken to doing revision in half hour shifts, & taking 10 minutes reading breaks, but often i get very distracted. i finished reading the hotel new hampshire by john irving this morning, & i must say i didn't quite know what to make of it, it was very strange - has anybody else read it?