Friday, 28 February 2014

Glitter clown.

Hey! Told you I'd be back super soon. Actually being true to my word this time!!
This outfit is one of my favourite things I've put together recently, I'm kind of obsessed. I bought this skirt about a year ago but I don't think I ever showed it to you. It makes me feel a tiny bit like Cher Horowitz, which can only ever be a good thing.
I'm really into the mix of textures in this outfit, the shiny/matte weirdness of the skirt just works against the rougher patterns in the jumper & tights. Also, I like how the hearts and the little sections in the jumper knit are vaguely the same size. The little things, you know?
I have been so into glitter eye make up recently! I bought three pots of glitter from this ebay shop last month and I think I'm definitely going to stock up on some more because they're so cheap and really pretty. This one is lavender, although you can't really make that out here.
Also, I told you I'd be going back to pink didn't I? Just can't stay away from that candy floss girl aesthetic, I guess.
(Your girl is terrible at make up/face shots)
Jumper - vintage, skirt - ASOS, tights - ASOS
Dorky pose because I am super cheesy and perfectly okay with it.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Care bear style tips and life goals.

Jumper - Topshop, skirt - Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop, necklace - Tatty Devine
I bought this jumper on a whim while lazily browsing the sale section in Topshop. I thought it was absolutely adorable, like it was made of care bear fur or something. ("It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" basically). I bought it mainly because I thought it would be really funny to wear this with my hair exactly matching the colour, and it is! I like to think of my outfits more thematically these days (not every day, and particularly not when I've left myself only 20 minutes to get to a lecture), and this seemed so dreamy.
This jumper is one of those pieces that just feels to easy to wear, so many things in my wardrobe gravitate towards it. This necklace is one of them. My mum gave it to me for Christmas and I have barely taken it off since. It's so beautiful and goes with so many things - it's iridescent so it changes colour depending on what the light is like or what I'm wearing it with. I know you can't see it that well here (I forgot to take proper close up photos because I'm terrible), but I'm planning on doing a proper post dedicated to some new piece of jewellery I've acquired lately. I went through a weird period of not wearing any at all, but I've got back into it in a big way recently.
My hair isn't green any more, but I still really like how my hair matches the jumper exactly here. I like being able to have an obvious charter of my life. I like this as a perfect snapshot of who I was at this point in time. I am 21 now, but I was 20 here. I believe in constant reinvention and re-evaluation of myself. I used to be so static and so set in my ways, convinced that I was always going to be the same and that I didn't need to change. I think I was scared of growing up, scared of becoming an adult when basically I didn't really want to be alive. But I'm more positive about my capacity for change now, I am even excited by it. I did not like this hair colour, but also I loved it because it allowed me to really think about who I consider myself to be. Does that make sense? I mean that even though I didn't particularly liked it, it let me see other versions of myself. I like being able to literally see myself changing, and hair is such an obvious way to see that change. I feel like I really needed that,  I have relaxed a lot more now and I am not as precious about myself. By that I mean, if my hair looks rubbish, it looks rubbish. I kind of revel in it, actually? Like here I love that my roots kind of match my eye liner. Time passes, things change. This is just a moment and it will pass, but the strength that I have now will only get stronger.
I'm writing this quite late, can you tell? I'm going to go to bed now, but I will see you soon for more outpourings of my heart in relation to clothes.