Sunday, 28 November 2010

freak out in a moonage daydream

hey guys!
last night i went to a friend's 18th birthday party at the local pub which was a pretty good night! it was my brother's birthday yesterday too so we had roast chicken for dinner & then a triple layer chocolate cake which my mum made - it was so good, but far too chocolatey for me!
for the party, i wore my new lace skirt which mother & i have been making for the past week;
i really love it! and i'm also pretty proud that i managed to do quite a bit of the work for it. my mum is much more experienced than me at dressmaking and because lace is really tricky to sew she did the final stitching together of everything!
shirt - vv brown concert, skirt - homemade, tights - ebay, necklace - h&m kids, lace bow - gift.
this is such an awkward pose!
as it is a very girly skirt, i wanted to wear it quite casual. preferrably i would have liked to wear it with a smiths or a clash tshirt, but my hours of endless searching on ebay for a nice yet affordable one of each those has been pretty fruitless.
i have decided that lace is pretty much my favourite fabric ever.
most of the pictures of me from the party are blurred mugshots or of me in full dad dancing mode, so here are some feet in the snow (:

Thursday, 25 November 2010

life worth living

evening all.
i was going to show you something i bought a while ago today for summer (which amused my very immature & silly sense of humour as today was pretty much the epitome of winter) but i seem to have left my camera at my dad's house which is really annoying. i may walk there in one of my frees tomorrow & fetch it as i'd quite like to take some pictures on friday & saturday night - i'm going to see harry potter with my friends, and then on saturday an acquaintance of mine is having her 18th birthday party at the local pub. i know, i know, i've suddenly turned into a bit of a social whirlwind! who would have thought it.
this is going to be such a terrible post, i really do apologise.
it snowed quite heavily today (well, heavily for england in november) so obviously everybody was in high spirits & our school closed early. i had a really funny walk home with two of my friends today as we managed to walk home literally right in the middle of the blizzard, oh well. snow is redic. before we left school though i had a really awesome english lesson where we talked about music & christmas, as you do. my english teacher's favourite band is the sex pistols apparently, how cool is she?!
sorry, i bet i'm boring you now!
i will leave you with a picture of me right after i got my hair cut, a look which i have sadly never managed to recreate.
ps, i was going to edit out my pyjama-clad ass from the edge of this photo, but then i decided it amused me quite a bit. oh dear, i think i have just been in a silly mood all day.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

something in the way she moves

for my art project, i've been doing a bit of sewing & textiles work this week. i quite like it actually, i've been thinking about doing textiles at uni for a while now (although that may not happen with the rising tuition fees, curse you cameron!) & it sounds silly, but i never actually realise how much i love fabrics & sewing until i get back to doing it again.
the photographs aren't fantastic quality, but here they are;
materials; assorted fabric scraps, an old tablecloth, black felt, embroidery thread, beads & film strips.

the original photograph (which i took)

materials; assorted fabric scraps, white & brown felt, pink satin, watercolour & acrylic paints, embroidery thread & an old tablecloth.

the original photograph, which i haven't quite emulated but i am really pleased with my version (:

i don't know if anyone likes reading about my arty exploits, but i do quite like keeping my own record of them on here.
ps, is anyone as pissed off as me about beatles week on xfactor? urgh, sorry but it really does anger me when talent show contestants sing those kind of songs without having any attachment or respect for the artist. especially as simon cowell organised the whole hideous affair.
if you like my arty business, you can also enter my giveaway for a necklace here, which would be lovely.

Monday, 15 November 2010

romance is boring

i had my hair cut this saturday;
i actually proper love it! mother says it is very 1960s, which is of course amazing. i spent the whole day sewing my new skirt (which isn't finished yet, but i shall post pictures when it is!) so i felt very 60s housewife-esque indeed. the cut slightly reminds me of martha reeve's hair back in the early motown days, especially as i now have a fringe which is Cooperative with a capital C.

i also, rather inexplicably, feel a bit like a 1965 mick jagger with this haircut, perhaps because i just have the urge to shake my head around while rattling a tambourine? who knows.
this friday my school is having a non-uniform day (in honour of children in need, natch) & the theme is spots, so i am actually looking forward to wearing all my spotty clothing at once. non-uniform days are always a good laugh at school & it is for a worthy cause after all!
there is still time to enter my giveaway here, if you would like to win a piece of unique jewellery made by my own fair hands. if you wouldn't, well, that's fine too (:

Thursday, 11 November 2010

anarchy in the uk

don't forget, you can still enter my giveaway here!
last weekend, i went to a small car boot sale nearby. i was mainly going to look for fabric to use for my final piece for art, but it was a bit disappointing on the clothes front really as there were only about 10 stalls, one of which was selling pet food!
i still managed to get quite a few good things though, i bought these cds for £1 each.
i downloaded kate nash's album ages ago, but somehow it disappeared from my computer so it was nice to get it back again. also, i've been wanting to have a listen to james' first album (i have the second) because i feel weird listening to artists out of sync. yes, i know that is strange but i can't help my audiophile tendencies; think of me as a less oppressed lane kim.

this book only cost me 30p & i've been wanting to get a copy for a while, as it's one of those books that we always end up having a discussion about in english! the guy on the stall tried to get me to buy three for £1, but i think he needs a bit of help with his selling logic.

my favourite (and cheapest!) buy of the day was this swallow necklace, which is a lovely antique gold colour. it only cost me 20p & it has the cutest bird charms ever! i can't decide if i want to keep it to wear because it's a slightly awkward length (it's a double chain necklace), or to take it apart to make my own jewellery from it. i think for now i'm just going to stick with it as it is.
for some reason, i came over all gothic & bought this sheer black blouse for £1. i deliberated for quite a while over it, as i literally never wear black, but i just thought the peter pan collar was too cute to leave. i tried it on when i got home & realised it was a lot more sheer than i first thought (although the light in my room was odd, so it isn't quite as see-through as it looks here). at the moment i'm trying to decide how inappropriate it would be to wear this to school, but i'll probably wear it anyway. a little bit of anarchy is always good.

Friday, 5 November 2010

give a little love

giveaway time!
i know, & you thought this day would never come!
well, for ages i've been wracking my brains trying to think of an original yet nice idea for something to actually give away and now i think (or rather, i hope) i have a good one (:
something that newcomers to my blog may not know (as i haven't written or posted pictures on here in a very long time, sadly) is that i like to make jewellery & other accessory-type things.
mostly i make the jewellery from quirky little things like pearl beads & toys from kinder eggs, but sometimes i use pictures of musicians i like or stills from movies i love, like these;
jimi hendrix

bob dylan

& john mayer, this one i made for my friend joanna.
i was thinking that i could make one of these for whoever wins the giveaway, & the winner can choose who (or what) they would like on it!
if this sounds like something you would be interested in, then to enter all you have to do is;
  • be a follower of this blog (obviously, as this is a thank you to the followers of this blog!)
  • leave a comment on this post with your email address
  • and, just for the hell of it, in your comment tell me who your idol is & why.
  • for extra entries, you can tweet about this giveaway, or blog/tumble/whatever you wish - just remember to tell me in the comments so i can give you another entry!
the giveaway will end on december 5th at midnight gmt. i shall be picking a name in the old-fashioned way - out of a hat - & will contact the lucky winner as soon as that happens (:
edit: i changed the deadline of the giveaway as it might give me more time to get materials together, & that way it's a bit closer to christmas!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

these are just ghosts that broke my heart before i met you

happy belated hallowe'en!
to celebrate this year, a group of us went to my friend alix's house for a costume party & some of us stayed over afterwards. i went as a ghost, original i know, although i am regretting it now as i had so many good ideas i could've used, & most people were really dressed up compared to me! i thought about going as alex the large from a clockwork orange, david bowie, morrissey, twiggy or mel from flight of the conchords. but being a ghost was easier i'm afraid.
(although i have been thinking of having a flight of the conchords themed party for my birthday)

i didn't take any ~formal outfit pictures because, well, i just didn't but i think this one captures the ghostlyness rather well. i had talcum powder literally plastered all over my face to make myself look even paler than i already do, although i kept laughing so much (it was a funny night guys) that i pretty much wiped it totally off!
dress - ebay, lace shorts - ebay, pink/white tights - topshop, necklace - h&m kids, lace hairbow - grainger market.
raving it up, as ever. we invented a couple of cool new dances, which i was of course performing inbetween pogoing to vv brown.
funniest photograph ever.
it really was an awesome night, & i'm starting to love parties much more than i ever did before. i mean, i still feel a bit weird because i'm generally the only sober one there (i don't drink because of health problems) but this time i felt rather in place. also, i'm starting to feel that not drinking isn't something i have to feel bad or ashamed for any more, because people actually are really understanding which is so lovely. i had some pretty fun times at this party, including running around making sure all the drunkards had some bread, being called mum & obsessively collecting empty bottles (: