Thursday, 1 April 2010

sheila goes out with her mate stella

happy april everyone! i won't say april fool's because it's after noon, & that makes me the fool i think?
so FINALLY i have a break from the relentless draining work of school (well, to revision & art work, but it's not compulsory!), & i have slightly more time to relax before the horror of exams.
i promised to post about my friend's birthday party last week, & i didn't because i have absolutely no free time whatsoever. yes, i know it's an old excuse but sadly it's becoming more and more true.
we began the night with a spontaneous wind-up spacehopper race.
yes, it was my idea. yes, i am utterly normal.
this is the nearest i could get to an outfit photo; i decided to wear my new dorothy perkins dress with lilac tights. i'm actually not sure if it really works, especially with the pink cardigan, maybe there are too many pastel shade. what do you think?
i also had my bad-ass black tartan heels on, but i took them off.
we danced, A LOT.
i believe this is me in the middle of rapping along to jamie t's if you got the money. oh yes B)
there were also many, many sweeties. right here i'm eating a coca cola flavoured colin the caterpillar. yes, you read that correctly. to my british readers out there; we also had percy pigs - hell yeah!
i think this is from when my friend kate (on the left with the bloody gorgeous skirt, it was her birthday) was trying to teach me the charleston.
which i was not good at. at all.
sorry the photos are mostly of me, but i didn't want to put photos up without my friends' permission. oh, that reminds me - these were taken on my friend joanna's camera (she's the one in the flowery dress) & she took most of them.


  1. you are lovely :)
    that dress is gorgeous, crazy mix of pastel shades-YES PAL (Y) haha

  2. awww, thank you (:
    & yes, he is awesome!

  3. Cute photos.
    Listening to Jamie T always puts me in the best mood.
    I quite like the combination of pastels in your outfit.

  4. thank you!
    ooh yay, looks like the outfit's a winner then :D

  5. I think the outfit is just perfect the way it is, the colours are so lovely on you :)

  6. I love colin the caterpillar!

  7. love the dress :) looks like you had fun :)

  8. oh wow! percy pigs!
    i love them!
    and you look lovely :)


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