Saturday, 27 February 2010

anchors and checks and bows, oh my!

i bought a vintage playsuit off ebay last week, & it arrived today. i absolutely LOVE it! even though it's a wee bit tight in certain areas...
i always feel like such a goof posing for outfit pictures!
outfit details: playsuit - ebay, tights - mother's, tshirt - h&m, bow headband - new look, necklace - affleck's palace in manchester.
i decided to pair it with some red tights because, although you can't really tell in the pictures, it's a navy blue and white check, & it has some lovely little anchor buttons so i thought it would be a good pairing for a nice nautical theme.
and of course, this wonderfully cute necklace fitted right in with what i will now be calling my "sailor suit" outfit.
here is one of those aforementioned anchor buttons. cuuuuute or what?
i love this bow as well, it's not actually sewn on though (just looped through the middle) which means i need to be exta careful when wearing it.
i think i've found the perfect festival outfit. which is good seeing as i just bought my ticket for the local evolution festival! the line up isn't as good as last year, but i'm still ratherrrr looking forward to it.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

here comes the sun

it's george harrison's birthday today!
happy 67th george, RIP.

*sigh* such a waste, if only i'd been alive in the sixties!
so, in other news, i got tagged by the lovely aamberr (thought i'd stick with your spelling, 'cause it's freaking awesome) at winter dreaming :) to mention two of my favourite films.
welll, this is really tricky for me, as i am a serious film fan! i've decided to name two that - in some bizarre, obscure way - say something about my personality.
numero uno: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i love this film. so so so much. the way it's shot is just beautiful, & i love the idea of a love story told backwards. basically, i love this for the arty fantastic way it's shot, & the drawings & the weird fake scienceyness in it.
numero dos: i'm not there. this is a biopic of bob dylan, my favourite songwriter possibly of all time. 6 different actors & actresses portray the different aspects of bob's personality, with a cracking soundtrack.
i have sooooo many other films that i love, it really does pain me to cut so many out!
i'm supposed to tag 3 people to do this, but i figured i'd just tag everrrrryone reading this, cause i think it would be awesome to find out everyone's different tastes in films. leave a comment if you do decide to do this, i'd love to find out what your favourites are.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


as paolo the-oh-so-lovely nutini says, can't we just rewind? i promised i'd be posting again in a couple of days, & that was quite a while ago. i'm sorrryyy! i've been ill & shiz & there's been work to do & a university UCAS night tonight & psychology revision to do & loads of art stuff & ARGHHHHHH!
to make up for not posting my newsy stuff, here's an outfit post to make up for it.
now, i was going to do a before & after thing with my school suit, but i forgot so you'll have to make do with me holding up my grey trousers, you can just pretend i'm wearing them, right?
so, i adapted this outfit to go to a universities thing my school was having (see rant above).
we didn't have to dress up or anything, but i didn't want to just go in my suit!
outfit details: skirt - vintage & customised, blouse - warehouse (same place as t'suit), cardigan - h&m, necklace - dolls & molls, flower - h&m, tights - primark, bracelets - gifts & made by me.
i actually quite like this outfit, it was really only put together so that i didn't have to change completely from my school outfit (yeah man, i'm real lazy), but i think it's quite cute. not for school, but for a job interview maybe? it's a bit too smart for me to wear in an everyday situation.
the light from my window kind of blocked out the pattern of my skirt in the photo, so here's a close-up. i bought this last march at a vintage fair for £4 - it went right down past my ankles! i wasn't sure what to do with it, but my mother is pretty much a sewing genius so she shortened it for me, changed the waistband & turned it into a high waisted skirt & changed the buttons.
overall result = pretty darn fabulous i think!
here's a close-up of the ruffles on my blouse too. it looks much better when ironed i assure you!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

glow of love.

i apologise for being a bit sporadic with my blogging lately, but i have been pretty spectacularly ill for the past 3/4 days. i've had (and still have) a virus which is leaving my lethargic & giving my very painful headaches & sinusache, it really has not been fun. it's been frustrating too as i have quite a few things in my life that i've wanted to blog about.
this is just a quick post today, 'cause i still feel kind of sucky, but hopefully i'll be back in a few days with my newwwwws! (:
last weekend, my mother went to a bat mitzvah in london which was apparently just like an episode of my super sweet sixteen. they had free gifts;
like this.
admittedly, it's pretty tricky to see, but i assure you this is a glow in the dark bracelet thingy.
personally, i think it's quite cute - despite the fact that the unearthly glow from the floor keeps me awake at night.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

remember to let her into your heart

you know when you match your shoes, or accessories, to your outfit?
well, today i matched my outfit to my guitar.

this is eddie, say hello everyone.
yes, i named my guitar. 'cause that's just how i roll.
he's named after eddie cochran (if you wanted to know), who was one of the greatest guitar heroes of all time. basically, he invented some kind of technical tuning thing to do with the guitar & the bass, but i don't really know what that is so i just like him for his songs (:
this is my favourite one, check it out if you have a few spare minutes.
he really was very talented, personally i find it tragic that he died in a car crash aged only 21, just as he was starting to make a name for himself in the music world.
it doesn't really show in the photos, but the guitar's a lovely royal blue colour - which very clearly matches my cardigan.
that's a G chord, would you believe.
i'm so impressed that i finally managed to work some chords out, this time last year i could barely play notes on a single string!
i also learned to play hey jude, yesterday and yellow submarine today, hence the tshirt.
oh, and clearly i had to wear my john lennon spectacles to match too.

Monday, 15 February 2010

all you need is love

happy belated valentine's day!
i know many people dislike this holiday and, to be frank, so do i. it's really not very fun if you're single, but i actually had a very good day yesterday - thanks to helping out on my friend emily's jewellery stall at a vintage fair!
unfortunately, due to being rather busy, i didn't get any photos of the various other stalls, but the website is here if you want to have a look for yourself.
however, i did get a photo of our stall from behind.

i actually had an unbelievably awesome time, even though i was working for about 6 and a half hours straight!
it's a lovely community atmosphere at these fairs, & the whole crew were really nice.
this is basically what i want to do with my life (which is a fairly exciting yet daunting prospect!) so it was good to get some experience & a feel of how these things work. emily says she'll try & organise something where i can see how she makes her jewellery - and they are far more professional than my efforts - which i am really rather looking forward to.
i did get a little chance to skulk off & do some perusing of the stalls on my own when it had quietened down.

the cupcake emily bought me, so that we could have more change.
rather sweet isn't it? both in appearance & taste.

there was a fantastic stall where they had craft supplies and bits & bobs for next to nothing. i bought these pendants for 50p each, the pineapple because it actually made me laugh out loud at the stall (yes, i know. i am a very embarrassing child).

the same stall also had a pile of old (i'm presuming) family photos which were actually kind of amazing, & only 10p to 60p each.
the left one i thought was cool because i originally thought the woman was holding a monkey, but it turns out it's a fox fur stole! the other one i just thought was captivating, the smiles on the people's faces, the woman's flower brooch, the fact that they appear to be on a work outing of some kind on a boat - i'm guessing this because of the sea & the fact the man is clinging onto a handrail, and because they both have nametags & are wearing blazers.
i realise the photos are a bit tricky to see because they're so small, i do apologise.
it may seem a bit weird for me to have bought somebody's old photographs, but i do just find them fascinating, so much more so than GCSE history ever seemed.
i'm quite curious about this kind of photography too, they are beautifully done & i love the kind of soft-focus/faded feel black & white or sepia photographs have to them.
these ones are cute too, landscapes but with some lovely smiley people in the foreground.
this stall also had some old french fashion magazines which i really wanted to buy, but they were like £10 each and this just seemed a tad steep to me =/
these badges were £1.50 each, which at first seemed quite cheap to me but then i realised i had just spent £6 on badges!
they are pretty sweet though, i especially love the mmmmm one.
i'm not really a scarf-wearer, but these beauties were 2 for £5 which i thought was a fabulous bargain.
now i need some ideas for how to wear them, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (:
the stall i bought these from gets all their vintage from europe, and this lovely blue scarf has the most wonderful drawings of french landmarks printed on to it - the eiffel tower, the louvre, notre dame, scare coeur, arc de triomphe, moulin rouge, opera & la madeleine. it also has the sweetest little fleur de lis pattern.
the second scarf has a more muted pattern, and for some reason makes me think it's from russia, or at least has that kind of inspiration. i think this is because of the drawings of opulent necklaces & perfume bottles it has.
the girl at the scarf stall gave me this pretty little bag to carry them in for free.
and i discovered when i got home that the bag had these badges hidden inside, i love little surprises like this!
i'm not sure if i'll keep these or not, i have a friend who plays the saxophone so i may give them to her as a mini present, who knows?
there was a record stall too where i bought hunky dory by david bowie - weirdly the exact one which emily's boyfriend had sold to the stall earlier! that led us to talk about music, which has to be one of my favourite things to do ever, and he gave me full moon fever by tom petty as a gift for helping out. i listened to both albums today, and they are so so good! i'd never heard any tom petty songs before, but i recognised free fallin' from a john mayer cover i've heard.
emily also gave me this cute locket necklace as a thank you for helping out, my friend kate also bought the same one earlier so we may look like twins!
now i need something to go inside it, best get the thinking cap on.
my apologies for the lengthy & rather photo-laden post today, but i felt i should put everything on!
i hope you've all had a nice valentines day weekend (or chinese new year) regardless of how you spent it.
love love (:

Friday, 12 February 2010

casual friday

next week is half term - yay to the max!
i actually haven't got all that much work either, i think it will only take a couple of days to do.
this is what i wore today for our "casual friday";
i quite liked my outfit today, although it's not as bright as my normal attire.
skirt - topshop sale, jumper - lazy oaf, hairband - dorothy perkins, necklace - gift, badge - gift, bracelets - a mixture of gifts, dorothy perkins & a french market.
i'm also wearing a pair of mother's bright pink tights but unfortunately they're not in t'photo.
i hadn't realised until now, but my skirt is rather mussed up in this photo. oh deary dear.

close up of deer necklace.
i'm properly looking forward to sunday & the vintage fair! it's going to be so awesome, i hope i actually get a chance to shop around & see a bit of the vintage for myself.
... although i am trying to curb my spending.
which will literally never happen.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

sleep through the static

this is more of an update post than anything else, as it's been a while & i've been busy (damn those A levels!)
so, big news!
my dad, brother & i are going down to london in june to see jack johnson at the o2 arena!
i love love love jack johnson so much, i really cannot wait to go & see him.
he really is such a babe.
i don't care that he is married.
and has two kids.
and is about 20 years older than me.
i dig old married men, okay?
in other news; i learnt to play a couple of beatles songs on the guita today, & i feel so incredibly pleased with myself *^-^*
hopefully i will update with some more exciting stuff at the weekend, as we have a non-uniform day on friday as we're breaking up for half term (& among my friends this always produces an element of hyperactivity & hysteria) - only now i have to decide what to wear! - and i'm helping out with a vintage fair on sunday (:
hope y'all are having a cracking day, peace out lovelies.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

tap at my window

today i went to the beatles to bowie photography exhibition which was just amazing.
i mean, i don't know much about photography but i love the 60s so this exhibition was perfect for me. the shots were so lovely - and very different, some were energetic & vibrant whereas others were sombre & moody.
after that, myself & mother went around taking photos for my art exam project - which is called "windows & doorways"
these are a few of my favourite ones that we found.
an ivy covered window behind a chinese restaurant.

the door into the castle keep.

one of the upstairs windows at the theatre royal, complete with net curtains.

a john lennon postered window from a flat near the biscuit factory gallery, right next to a scary korean cult church!

the charming door of a boarded up warehouse.
as i said, i don't really know much about photography, this was just for research purposes. although i do quite like the way they turned out (:
yesterday i got a sucky haircut. the back looks quite good, all choppy layers & curls, but the front? ohmygod, it looks awful. it's a severe side parting thing (which my hair does not agree with, because i have a strange parting where it just defys gravity) & she gave me a monster fringe - which i do not recall asking for!
it does look better curly thought, so fingers crossed i will learn to love it.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

eight days a week

okay, so i've been tagged by the lovely jane at leaves with stripes to do this eight questions thing. to read her post, click here.
i'm actually kind of excited about this! i've never been tagged before, this makes me feel very much involved in the blogging community - thanks jane! i am oh-so-very flattered *^-^*
here goes;
eight TV shows i watch.
1. how i met your mother.
2. gilmore girls.
3. scrubs.
4. freaks and geeks.
5. never mind the buzzcocks.
6. mock the week.
7. guitar heroes at the BBC.
8. the it crowd.
eight places i like to eat.
1. pizza hut.
2. fratellis.
3. school. yeah, i know i'm cool B)
4. at the american diner.
5. on a long distance train.
6. on the hill at the castle keep.
7. in the park.
8. on the sofa.
eight things i look forward to.
1. working at the vintage fair next sunday.
2. the summer.
3. university, whenever & whatever that may be.
4. starting my own jewellery line.
5. owning many many records.
6. my art trip tomorrow with mother.
7. gaining some weight.
8. watching my flight of the conchords DVDs.
eight things i did yesterday.
1. went to school.
2. wore my awesome tartan shirt.
3. did some kick ass art work.
4. laughed so much i thought my face was going to crack.
5. ate some lovely cake.
6. had a very musical spanish lesson.
7. got drenched on the way home, but still had fun.
8. danced on my own to some cracking music.
eight things i love about winter.
1. wearing gloves.
2. christmas!
3. my birthday & many other people's birthdays.
4. snow.
5. the possibility of school closure.
6. when the air is all crisp & icy.
7. bare trees.
8. the fact that i appreciate daylight more.
eight things on my wishlist.
1. world peace.
2. for a life without hassles.
3. a time machine.
4. people not to judge me for the silly crap i wear.
5. smaller feet.
6. to not be so good at procrastination.
7. to be less materialistic.
8. my father not to paint our new house entirely beige.
eight things i am passionate about.
1. art.
2. jewelley.
3. clothes.
4. music.
5. vinyl records.
6. colour.
7. hoarding.
8. the use of obscure quotes in day to day conversation.
eight words or phrases i use too often.
1. cracking.
2. rinsed your bacon.
3. awesome.
4. your mum.
5. that's what she said.
6. babe.
7. lovely.
8. oh my god.
eight things i learned from the past.
1. thinking is overrated.
2. old music is the best.
3. but you can't beat dancing to rubbish music with your friends (:
4. always wear sensible shoes in the snow.
5. positivity is much, much better than negativity.
6. stephen fry is god.
7. trust people until proven otherwise.
8. there is no excuse for violence.
eight places i would love to go, visit, or see.
1. paris.
2. aurora borealis.
3. new york, new york.
4. minnesota!
5. the isle of wight.
6. abbey road studios in london.
7. all of the hard rock cafes.
8. john o'groats.
eight things i currently want or need.
1. some new jeans.
2. a vintage floral dress.
3. some heart patterned tights.
4. a proper coat.
5. some glue.
6. a VW campervan.
7. a pair of leggings.
8. a mini sewing kit.
eight tags.
ohmygosh, that was time consuming.

Friday, 5 February 2010

caught in a plaid romance

today i wore one of the necklaces i got for my birthday, from two of my best friends.
isn't it lovely?
i don't know if you can really get the scale on this picture, but it's about 8cm tall i think.
i love the cute bow & the pearl (:
i don't have a complete outfit picture from today (because i walked home from school in the pourrrrrrrrring rain & my skirt got totally soaked) but i did want to show the tartan on tartan action i had goin' on.
the bow was a gift for my last birthday & the shirt (which i've posted about before) is from ebay.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

i saw her standing there.

well, she was just seventeen, you know what i mean?
& the way she looked was way beyond compare,
so how could i dance with another,
when i saw her standing there?
one of my favourite beatles songs for you there, and very appropriate because today i turned seven...

okay, so teen doesn't really work as a number, but you see where i was going right?
i actually can't remember if i've posted an outfit with this shirt before, but this is what i wore to school today.
it was a bloody lovely day, cake, presents, & awesome lessons even though i had a full day. oh, and my friends are fantastic (:

the bow from one of my presents which i wore as a bracelet.

these are the presents i got from my friends, pretty wonderful.
necklaces, a skirt, a clock & a hairband. i'll probably post details of each later.

close up of the eiffel tower necklace & the cameo on the hairband.

beatles clock, woooo!

my mum made me a lovely cake, with ridiculously sweet (both in taste & appearance) rabbits & owls on.

sorry for the ridiculously image heavy post (:

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

sweet sixteens, not M16s

today is my last day of being sixteen.
my oh my oh my.
this feels very weird to me, i feel like i only just got used to being 16 & now 364 days have crept up on my like a sneaky sneaky... thing.
i'm afraid i couldn't think of a better way to end that simile, sorry =/
i have been rubbish at posting lately, but tomorrow i will post some birthday shenanigans & then at the weekend i shall write with news of my arty adventure (fingers crossed), okay?
for now, here is a quote i found on t'internet which, to me, seems like the loveliest thing ever right now.
dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.
marsha norman.