Monday, 12 April 2010

i won't forget to put roses on your grave

today has been filled with psychology revision. woo! *insert sarcasm here*
yesterday, in my long list of purchases, i completely forgot about a little brooch i bought from a silver stall at the train station.
i actually love it! it was only £2 which to me seems quite cheap, everything on the stall was priced differently as the guy was working it all out by weight. i love the little rose in the middle, it's a blue version of an awesome yellow necklace i picked up at a car boot sale last july.
the only beef i have with this brooch is that it has quite a vicious catch which bit a bit of a hole into my jimi hendrix tshirt, & if it does it again i WILL get rid of it. brooch, you have been warned...


  1. That is so so pretty! :)
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  2. wow 2 quid, so cheap and beautiful!

  3. This is so beautiful, you are so lucky. Wear it with pride :)

  4. Just thought I'd comment on this post as a general view of your entire blog - You are incredible at making all of these creative things and your blog is so well written :]

    Sorry to kindof spam my own blog out here, but I'm new to this and would appreciate if you and other bloggers will read mine and comment ^_^

    Ta x

  5. thank you!
    ohh that's perfectly fine love, i'll come visit (:


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