Wednesday, 3 February 2010

sweet sixteens, not M16s

today is my last day of being sixteen.
my oh my oh my.
this feels very weird to me, i feel like i only just got used to being 16 & now 364 days have crept up on my like a sneaky sneaky... thing.
i'm afraid i couldn't think of a better way to end that simile, sorry =/
i have been rubbish at posting lately, but tomorrow i will post some birthday shenanigans & then at the weekend i shall write with news of my arty adventure (fingers crossed), okay?
for now, here is a quote i found on t'internet which, to me, seems like the loveliest thing ever right now.
dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.
marsha norman.


  1. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

    Patty Ann

  2. happy birthday for tomorow. being 17 is awesome, trust me haha.

  3. ohh thanks! haha, i hope so (:

  4. Happy sweet sixteen!!!
    I turned 19 on the 3rd of feb, so if you think sixteen creeping up on you like that is scary, just wait till you discover yourself to be turning ninteen...time goes fast D:

  5. thanks! oh my, 19 seems far too far away right now!


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