Friday, 12 February 2010

casual friday

next week is half term - yay to the max!
i actually haven't got all that much work either, i think it will only take a couple of days to do.
this is what i wore today for our "casual friday";
i quite liked my outfit today, although it's not as bright as my normal attire.
skirt - topshop sale, jumper - lazy oaf, hairband - dorothy perkins, necklace - gift, badge - gift, bracelets - a mixture of gifts, dorothy perkins & a french market.
i'm also wearing a pair of mother's bright pink tights but unfortunately they're not in t'photo.
i hadn't realised until now, but my skirt is rather mussed up in this photo. oh deary dear.

close up of deer necklace.
i'm properly looking forward to sunday & the vintage fair! it's going to be so awesome, i hope i actually get a chance to shop around & see a bit of the vintage for myself.
... although i am trying to curb my spending.
which will literally never happen.


  1. Wow this outfit is so adorable, it makes me think of something Cassie from Skins would wear!

  2. love your styling, creative and pretty! we'll be back soon, come follow us if you fancy. Happy Valentine's and lazy Sunday :) xx

  3. That pendant is so cute!
    Fab weekend~

  4. wow, love love love this outfit. hope your having a great weekend x

  5. ahh thanks everyone!
    have lovely weekends (:

  6. I quite like your outfit too. It looks great and I love that sweater, especially combined with all the cute stuff!

  7. I used to have that necklace! I lost it I think... cute outfit!

  8. thanks! (:
    awww shame you lost it!


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