Friday, 5 February 2010

caught in a plaid romance

today i wore one of the necklaces i got for my birthday, from two of my best friends.
isn't it lovely?
i don't know if you can really get the scale on this picture, but it's about 8cm tall i think.
i love the cute bow & the pearl (:
i don't have a complete outfit picture from today (because i walked home from school in the pourrrrrrrrring rain & my skirt got totally soaked) but i did want to show the tartan on tartan action i had goin' on.
the bow was a gift for my last birthday & the shirt (which i've posted about before) is from ebay.


  1. that is a really cute necklace

  2. First of all Happy Birthday, second of all I'm a follower and someone 'tagged' me. I don't really know what it means, and tell me to piss off if you want, but check out my post about it if you wanna go. :)

  3. thank you!
    oh don't worry about that, i'm very flattered!
    i sure will (:


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