Thursday, 25 February 2010

here comes the sun

it's george harrison's birthday today!
happy 67th george, RIP.

*sigh* such a waste, if only i'd been alive in the sixties!
so, in other news, i got tagged by the lovely aamberr (thought i'd stick with your spelling, 'cause it's freaking awesome) at winter dreaming :) to mention two of my favourite films.
welll, this is really tricky for me, as i am a serious film fan! i've decided to name two that - in some bizarre, obscure way - say something about my personality.
numero uno: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i love this film. so so so much. the way it's shot is just beautiful, & i love the idea of a love story told backwards. basically, i love this for the arty fantastic way it's shot, & the drawings & the weird fake scienceyness in it.
numero dos: i'm not there. this is a biopic of bob dylan, my favourite songwriter possibly of all time. 6 different actors & actresses portray the different aspects of bob's personality, with a cracking soundtrack.
i have sooooo many other films that i love, it really does pain me to cut so many out!
i'm supposed to tag 3 people to do this, but i figured i'd just tag everrrrryone reading this, cause i think it would be awesome to find out everyone's different tastes in films. leave a comment if you do decide to do this, i'd love to find out what your favourites are.


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