Saturday, 27 February 2010

anchors and checks and bows, oh my!

i bought a vintage playsuit off ebay last week, & it arrived today. i absolutely LOVE it! even though it's a wee bit tight in certain areas...
i always feel like such a goof posing for outfit pictures!
outfit details: playsuit - ebay, tights - mother's, tshirt - h&m, bow headband - new look, necklace - affleck's palace in manchester.
i decided to pair it with some red tights because, although you can't really tell in the pictures, it's a navy blue and white check, & it has some lovely little anchor buttons so i thought it would be a good pairing for a nice nautical theme.
and of course, this wonderfully cute necklace fitted right in with what i will now be calling my "sailor suit" outfit.
here is one of those aforementioned anchor buttons. cuuuuute or what?
i love this bow as well, it's not actually sewn on though (just looped through the middle) which means i need to be exta careful when wearing it.
i think i've found the perfect festival outfit. which is good seeing as i just bought my ticket for the local evolution festival! the line up isn't as good as last year, but i'm still ratherrrr looking forward to it.


  1. Wow lovely, the bow detail is really sweet, you look adorable :)

    totally jealous of the anchor necklace!!!

  2. thank you! (:
    haha, it is pretty awesome.

  3. ahhh that is SO cute. you look great.

  4. cute playsuit! i have been searching for one, but all that i have tried on look awful on me.


  5. thank you!
    ahhh i'm sure they don't - it does take a bit of searching!

  6. I love the playsuit, it's adorable!


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