Saturday, 6 February 2010

eight days a week

okay, so i've been tagged by the lovely jane at leaves with stripes to do this eight questions thing. to read her post, click here.
i'm actually kind of excited about this! i've never been tagged before, this makes me feel very much involved in the blogging community - thanks jane! i am oh-so-very flattered *^-^*
here goes;
eight TV shows i watch.
1. how i met your mother.
2. gilmore girls.
3. scrubs.
4. freaks and geeks.
5. never mind the buzzcocks.
6. mock the week.
7. guitar heroes at the BBC.
8. the it crowd.
eight places i like to eat.
1. pizza hut.
2. fratellis.
3. school. yeah, i know i'm cool B)
4. at the american diner.
5. on a long distance train.
6. on the hill at the castle keep.
7. in the park.
8. on the sofa.
eight things i look forward to.
1. working at the vintage fair next sunday.
2. the summer.
3. university, whenever & whatever that may be.
4. starting my own jewellery line.
5. owning many many records.
6. my art trip tomorrow with mother.
7. gaining some weight.
8. watching my flight of the conchords DVDs.
eight things i did yesterday.
1. went to school.
2. wore my awesome tartan shirt.
3. did some kick ass art work.
4. laughed so much i thought my face was going to crack.
5. ate some lovely cake.
6. had a very musical spanish lesson.
7. got drenched on the way home, but still had fun.
8. danced on my own to some cracking music.
eight things i love about winter.
1. wearing gloves.
2. christmas!
3. my birthday & many other people's birthdays.
4. snow.
5. the possibility of school closure.
6. when the air is all crisp & icy.
7. bare trees.
8. the fact that i appreciate daylight more.
eight things on my wishlist.
1. world peace.
2. for a life without hassles.
3. a time machine.
4. people not to judge me for the silly crap i wear.
5. smaller feet.
6. to not be so good at procrastination.
7. to be less materialistic.
8. my father not to paint our new house entirely beige.
eight things i am passionate about.
1. art.
2. jewelley.
3. clothes.
4. music.
5. vinyl records.
6. colour.
7. hoarding.
8. the use of obscure quotes in day to day conversation.
eight words or phrases i use too often.
1. cracking.
2. rinsed your bacon.
3. awesome.
4. your mum.
5. that's what she said.
6. babe.
7. lovely.
8. oh my god.
eight things i learned from the past.
1. thinking is overrated.
2. old music is the best.
3. but you can't beat dancing to rubbish music with your friends (:
4. always wear sensible shoes in the snow.
5. positivity is much, much better than negativity.
6. stephen fry is god.
7. trust people until proven otherwise.
8. there is no excuse for violence.
eight places i would love to go, visit, or see.
1. paris.
2. aurora borealis.
3. new york, new york.
4. minnesota!
5. the isle of wight.
6. abbey road studios in london.
7. all of the hard rock cafes.
8. john o'groats.
eight things i currently want or need.
1. some new jeans.
2. a vintage floral dress.
3. some heart patterned tights.
4. a proper coat.
5. some glue.
6. a VW campervan.
7. a pair of leggings.
8. a mini sewing kit.
eight tags.
ohmygosh, that was time consuming.


  1. Thanks for the shout out. Might put this on my to-do list for when I feel like wasting time. It looks like a pretty epic survey!

  2. Thanks for doing it, and it took me about a week :3.

    BTW my real name is Daisy if you wanna know, Jane Doe is just my interweb name. :)

  3. tartan shirts and flight of the conchords!
    how lovely.

  4. What a long tag! - and thinking IS overrated haha xxxx

  5. ahh it's okay, yes it does take a long time!
    hi daisy (:
    thanks for all the comments.

  6. Thank you for tagging me :) Ooh I'm excited now, I will look forward to doing it when time is on my side :) x


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