Tuesday, 23 February 2010


as paolo the-oh-so-lovely nutini says, can't we just rewind? i promised i'd be posting again in a couple of days, & that was quite a while ago. i'm sorrryyy! i've been ill & shiz & there's been work to do & a university UCAS night tonight & psychology revision to do & loads of art stuff & ARGHHHHHH!
to make up for not posting my newsy stuff, here's an outfit post to make up for it.
now, i was going to do a before & after thing with my school suit, but i forgot so you'll have to make do with me holding up my grey trousers, you can just pretend i'm wearing them, right?
so, i adapted this outfit to go to a universities thing my school was having (see rant above).
we didn't have to dress up or anything, but i didn't want to just go in my suit!
outfit details: skirt - vintage & customised, blouse - warehouse (same place as t'suit), cardigan - h&m, necklace - dolls & molls, flower - h&m, tights - primark, bracelets - gifts & made by me.
i actually quite like this outfit, it was really only put together so that i didn't have to change completely from my school outfit (yeah man, i'm real lazy), but i think it's quite cute. not for school, but for a job interview maybe? it's a bit too smart for me to wear in an everyday situation.
the light from my window kind of blocked out the pattern of my skirt in the photo, so here's a close-up. i bought this last march at a vintage fair for £4 - it went right down past my ankles! i wasn't sure what to do with it, but my mother is pretty much a sewing genius so she shortened it for me, changed the waistband & turned it into a high waisted skirt & changed the buttons.
overall result = pretty darn fabulous i think!
here's a close-up of the ruffles on my blouse too. it looks much better when ironed i assure you!


  1. Aw love that skirt! Would never have guessed it was altered - go mumma :)
    I could see you wearing this to a picnic in the park maybe? Anyway, you look lovely. Glad you're feeling all better now :)

  2. thank you! yeah, she rocks (:
    i agree, it's a lovely summery outfit.
    thank you so much!

  3. wow! love the skirt and the necklace!
    and don't even get me started on paolo nutini. ha :L i'm seriously obsessed! ha. he's my everything! (L)
    and you look fab! love the cardi too!

  4. Wow, this outfit is super cute! Love the pattern on your skirt and the colors looks so great together! I adore your necklace :)


  5. awww thank you!
    i love paolo, he is such a babe.

  6. i adore the skirt you're wearing! :) x


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