Saturday, 30 January 2010

every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man

...or maybe we just love their suits?
voila, presenting my sequin blazer!
£10 in the dorothy perkins sale, reduced from £60! a bargain i do believe (:
i generally don't wear much 80s inspired clothing, but i do rather love this.
sequins really are my bag, but i'm not quiiiiite sure about the shoulder pads, they might need a bit of getting used to.
i thought an 80s outfit deserved an 80s pose B)
also, is it just me or does the headscarf give it a bit of a madonna-in-the-desperately-seeking-susan-film look? i'm not a huge madonna fan, but i must say it's quite the look.

yeaaaaaah, i was feeling in a bit of an 80s music mood so i stuck some marc bolan & t rex on & did some (thoroughly embarrassing) dance moves.
i know i'm cool by the way, you don't need to tell me.
oh, the shame.

i love love love everything about this jacket!
the sequins, obviously.
the cute little lapels.
the silky lining on the rolled up sleeves.
the way it can be done up or loose.
even the shoulder pads! (yes, i'm coming around to them)
the only thing now is wondering how to wear it. i'm thinking it might be too showy for my general outlandish skirt-bright tights daytime apparrel, so i think i'll be sticking to jeans & a plain/band tshirt.
which means buying new jeans.
gah. note to self; you must stop recklessly spending money!
PS you may have noticed i'm wearing the same tshirt/bow/necklace combo as the last post. well my dears this is because i managed to sweet talk my camera into taking a couple more photos so i could post them to you lovely people.
okay, so i held the battery against the radiator - but it worked all the same!


  1. Wow, your blog is so lovely! I shall add you to my list :D
    Really love the sequin jacket, there's a lovely gold sequin jacket on sale right now in one of my favorite stores and I've been trying to decide all week whether or not to get reading this post has made me tempted...

  2. ahhhh thank you! (:
    haha! you really should, sequin blazers are clearly the way forward!

  3. thanks for following my blog :) yours is wonderful. and that's such a bargain! ive had very little luck in the sales this year :( :( XXXXXX

  4. no problemo, it's lovely (:
    ahhh thank you so much!
    i know, i've been real lucky this year! don't worry, you've just got to keep searching.

  5. bloody hell I love that blazer

  6. Sequins are always a winner. I think I need to get my hands on a sequin jacket, stat!

  7. I just love your sense of style! It is so fun and adorable!

  8. i love this jacket the the bow is so cute. silver shiny jacket, i want!

    Patty Ann

  9. thank youuu!
    they are rather awesome.


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