Saturday, 20 February 2010

glow of love.

i apologise for being a bit sporadic with my blogging lately, but i have been pretty spectacularly ill for the past 3/4 days. i've had (and still have) a virus which is leaving my lethargic & giving my very painful headaches & sinusache, it really has not been fun. it's been frustrating too as i have quite a few things in my life that i've wanted to blog about.
this is just a quick post today, 'cause i still feel kind of sucky, but hopefully i'll be back in a few days with my newwwwws! (:
last weekend, my mother went to a bat mitzvah in london which was apparently just like an episode of my super sweet sixteen. they had free gifts;
like this.
admittedly, it's pretty tricky to see, but i assure you this is a glow in the dark bracelet thingy.
personally, i think it's quite cute - despite the fact that the unearthly glow from the floor keeps me awake at night.


the wrote and the writ.