Sunday, 7 February 2010

tap at my window

today i went to the beatles to bowie photography exhibition which was just amazing.
i mean, i don't know much about photography but i love the 60s so this exhibition was perfect for me. the shots were so lovely - and very different, some were energetic & vibrant whereas others were sombre & moody.
after that, myself & mother went around taking photos for my art exam project - which is called "windows & doorways"
these are a few of my favourite ones that we found.
an ivy covered window behind a chinese restaurant.

the door into the castle keep.

one of the upstairs windows at the theatre royal, complete with net curtains.

a john lennon postered window from a flat near the biscuit factory gallery, right next to a scary korean cult church!

the charming door of a boarded up warehouse.
as i said, i don't really know much about photography, this was just for research purposes. although i do quite like the way they turned out (:
yesterday i got a sucky haircut. the back looks quite good, all choppy layers & curls, but the front? ohmygod, it looks awful. it's a severe side parting thing (which my hair does not agree with, because i have a strange parting where it just defys gravity) & she gave me a monster fringe - which i do not recall asking for!
it does look better curly thought, so fingers crossed i will learn to love it.


  1. Sorry to hear about the bad haircut, they are the worse. I would have loved to go to this exhibit - big Beatles fan. The building is so lovely, great place for pics.

  2. ohhhh my gosh! A beatles to bowie exhibition?! That sounds amazing!

  3. Sucks about the bad hair cut, one of the reasons I keep my hair long is because I'm too scared of letting a hair dresser style it all wrong!
    The exhibition sounds amazing though, LOVE BOWIE omg...

    Good luck with your art project, the photo of the castle is my favorite :)

  4. thank you!
    the exhibition was awesome, too bad i couldn't take any pictures.

  5. oh no, now I am scared for my haircut tomorrow!

  6. ahh don't be! i'm sure i was just unlucky.


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