Thursday, 18 February 2010

remember to let her into your heart

you know when you match your shoes, or accessories, to your outfit?
well, today i matched my outfit to my guitar.

this is eddie, say hello everyone.
yes, i named my guitar. 'cause that's just how i roll.
he's named after eddie cochran (if you wanted to know), who was one of the greatest guitar heroes of all time. basically, he invented some kind of technical tuning thing to do with the guitar & the bass, but i don't really know what that is so i just like him for his songs (:
this is my favourite one, check it out if you have a few spare minutes.
he really was very talented, personally i find it tragic that he died in a car crash aged only 21, just as he was starting to make a name for himself in the music world.
it doesn't really show in the photos, but the guitar's a lovely royal blue colour - which very clearly matches my cardigan.
that's a G chord, would you believe.
i'm so impressed that i finally managed to work some chords out, this time last year i could barely play notes on a single string!
i also learned to play hey jude, yesterday and yellow submarine today, hence the tshirt.
oh, and clearly i had to wear my john lennon spectacles to match too.


  1. I love your outfit :) I'm listening to that song as well, it would be so cool to learn that on the guitar, I wish I could play :( x

  2. thank you!
    ahh i love it, it's actually not too tricky to play!

  3. matching your guitar makes you officially awesome.

  4. yaaaay!
    thanks, that's just made my day :D

  5. wow...skills. i wish i could master the art of guitar playing. and i love your beatles shirt :)

  6. ahh thank you!
    believe me, it's taken me a while just to learn the basics!

  7. loooooooooooooooooove the glasses! they are something!

    thanks for the comment, carey mulligan is so adorable!

    hannah-rose (


  8. Wow, you look really good with a guitar:
    Btw, really love your room, like the color of your wall and the pictures you have put up!

  9. thank you, that's so sweet (:
    ahh i love it too, thanks. the other walls are purple!

  10. wow! cool blog :)
    and i think we may have the same guitar although i'm not sure. mine looks the same but there's so many similar looking ones to mine. is yours and electric acoustic? and love the glasses! 8)
    folling you :D
    follow back maybe? :)

  11. thanks!
    it is an acoustic/electric - i agree, there are many that look the same.
    thank you, i sure will (:


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