Thursday, 4 February 2010

i saw her standing there.

well, she was just seventeen, you know what i mean?
& the way she looked was way beyond compare,
so how could i dance with another,
when i saw her standing there?
one of my favourite beatles songs for you there, and very appropriate because today i turned seven...

okay, so teen doesn't really work as a number, but you see where i was going right?
i actually can't remember if i've posted an outfit with this shirt before, but this is what i wore to school today.
it was a bloody lovely day, cake, presents, & awesome lessons even though i had a full day. oh, and my friends are fantastic (:

the bow from one of my presents which i wore as a bracelet.

these are the presents i got from my friends, pretty wonderful.
necklaces, a skirt, a clock & a hairband. i'll probably post details of each later.

close up of the eiffel tower necklace & the cameo on the hairband.

beatles clock, woooo!

my mum made me a lovely cake, with ridiculously sweet (both in taste & appearance) rabbits & owls on.

sorry for the ridiculously image heavy post (:


  1. Happy Birthday! There's so much loveliness in this post that I don't know where to start. Is that a hairband with a cameo piece in the middle? If so, where can I get myself one? haha. And I love the decorations on your cake. So sweet. Enjoy being 17!

  2. Happy Birthday again :)
    That shirt you're wearing is amazing, it looks like something Cassie from Skins would wear!!

  3. you look gorgeous, I hope it has been a great birthday x

  4. Oh Happy Birthday! I miss being a teen :( enjoy your teen years while they last haha!

  5. thank you all!
    yes, it is a cameo, i think my friend bought it from muse (a british jewellery shop).
    ooh i love skins, that really is a compliment thank you!

  6. Hope you had a nice birthday :) x

    P.S Love the clock!


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