Wednesday, 10 February 2010

sleep through the static

this is more of an update post than anything else, as it's been a while & i've been busy (damn those A levels!)
so, big news!
my dad, brother & i are going down to london in june to see jack johnson at the o2 arena!
i love love love jack johnson so much, i really cannot wait to go & see him.
he really is such a babe.
i don't care that he is married.
and has two kids.
and is about 20 years older than me.
i dig old married men, okay?
in other news; i learnt to play a couple of beatles songs on the guita today, & i feel so incredibly pleased with myself *^-^*
hopefully i will update with some more exciting stuff at the weekend, as we have a non-uniform day on friday as we're breaking up for half term (& among my friends this always produces an element of hyperactivity & hysteria) - only now i have to decide what to wear! - and i'm helping out with a vintage fair on sunday (:
hope y'all are having a cracking day, peace out lovelies.


  1. Woo hoo Jack Johnson! I love him too - his voice is so smooth :)
    Congrats on learning more on the guitar, let alone The Beatles. They kick arse. Wish I had the time and discipline to learn an instrument :p

    Have fun at your free-dress day and can't wait to hear about this vintage fair!

  2. I love Jack Johnson too.

    I hope you are going to take pics at the vintage fair?

  3. yay!
    ahh thank you, i was very pleased with myself (:
    i certainly will be taking some photos!


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