Tuesday, 2 March 2010

the mad march hare

happy march everyone!
it's been a while since i've done a jewellery/inspiration post, so when a lovely email from tatty devine popped up in my inbox i just had to share it.
this is my favourite necklace of their alice in wonderland inspired collection - which to be honest doesn't seem all that alice-like, frankly i think some people are just jumping on this tim burton bandwagon.
but it is still rather lovely;
i think it's wonderfully cute - i love the contrast of the pale ribbon against the creamy perspex! there are also matching earrings (pictured above) & it comes in several different colours (white, black & tortoiseshell), although this is my favourite.
unfortunatel, i don't have a spare £96 lying around, so this necklace will just have to go in my mental inspiration folder.
although, i think a project over the summer could be to make my own version. sadly, i don't have access to perspex or a fancy laser-cutter, but i think i can manage to make do with some hobbycraft lace & some ribbon offcuts.
if i do make a version, i promise to post some pictures of it (:

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