Tuesday, 19 January 2010

gilded cage

just a smidgeon of a post today i'm afraid, as i have much art homework/psychology revision/guitar practice to be doing.
basically, i just wanted to tell you about my friend's new jewellery website which she has just set up. her business is called dolls & molls & you can visit her website here. before, she was just selling it at vintage fairs but now she has decided to branch out a tad - you can also become a fan on facebook here.
in my opinion, her jewellery is lovely (she sells homewares & purses etc too), here is one of the necklaces i have bought from her in the past, which you can also purchase off her website here.
see now, isn't that sweet?
i have also bought a lovely turquoise shoe necklace from her in the past, but i don't think it's available any more sadly.
it's a shame this is such a short post, but i always find out i run out of inspiration when i go back to school - that & the fact i have so much work to do! hopefully at the weekend i will have some more to post (:
for now, i will leave you with my playlist of today;
simple twist of fate - bob dylan
thunder road - bruce springsteen
superstition - stevie wonder
get ready - the temptations
hurtful - erik hassle
all you need is love - the beatles
no woman, no cry - bob marley
shark in the water - vv brown.
oh, PS this is my 111th post, how i love palindromes! (:


the wrote and the writ.