Wednesday, 6 January 2010

home again

3rd day off school in a week, oh my dorothy we really are not in kansas any more.
yesterday it snowed about 4 inches in just a few hours and, deciding not to waste the beautiful weather, i went outside for a bit of a wander & to generally fool about with the brother.
pretty snowy tree :)

i saw this big ass icicle outside my dad's window, cute no?
sadly it didn't last long as i made the mistake of telling the brother about it, and he broke it off & smashed it into many tiny pieces on the ground.

but i found some more!
not quite as pretty, but a bit like jack frost's fingers i think.

i don't really do location outfit posts (in fact, i don't really consciously do outfit posts), but the snow was so fresh & white i thought it was the perfect backdrop for my insane purple/turquoise apparel.
coat - h&m, scarf - gift, jumper - gift, tshirt (underneath) - matalan (yes, i shop there. and i'm proud :), trousers - h&m, wellies - my sister's (but not any moreee!)

me throwing snow in the air 'cause i am hilariously cool.
gosh, these photos turned out unexpectedly small, apologies everyone.
hope everybody has a good day, regardless of whether it is snowy or not :)

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