Wednesday, 13 January 2010

baby, we were born to run.

things that made me smile today.
getting a B on my english essay.
learning funny numbers in german.
wearing the bruce springsteen tshirt i bought at the weekend, then getting to school & finding out that my friend (who i bought the tshirt with) was also wearing it!
throwing playing cards around.
my art teacher liking my final piece idea (:
having another friend back at school.
being amused at the way tennessee williams died.
finding i have a new follower *wave*
mucking about in spanish & translating insults & obscure beatles lyrics.
walking home from the doctors in the dark & the snow listening to belle & sebastian & feeling like i was in an achingly lovely indie film.
reading my emails & finding i've be invited to help out at a jewellery & vintage fair.
watching notting hill with my momma.
i hope you've all had things that make you smile today (:


  1. Oh this sounds like a wonderful day!
    I love writing little posts on what's made me happy. It's nice to see it all down on paper :)
    Congrats on your B!
    I've never heard of Belle & Sebastian before.. I might have to go google them now.
    Hope tomorrow is as wonderful as today was xx

  2. hahaha you guys are cute. matching tshirts! yay good job on your exam too!

  3. thank you all!
    belle & sebastian are one of my new discoveries musicwise, they rock!

  4. cute! i love ur cardi :)


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