Sunday, 10 January 2010


my god i've been bored today.
i really should have done some schoolwork but i just did not have the energy. oh, and did i mention i'm the laziest person on earth?
so instead i listened to some records & played dress-up to try & diffuse the boredom.
this is the tartan shirt i posted about yesterday;
i actually love it!
i have a bit of a thing for oversized shirts, and it's a men's XL so it fits the bill perfectly. it is quite weird doing the buttons up though, 'cause men & women's buttons do up the opposite way (there's an intriguing fact for you).
i've received mixed reviews about the shirt so far.
my brother said i looked like an ice road trucker, then an old scottish man, then an idiot.
whereas my mother said it was very charlotte, which i'm going to take as a compliment.
& the father identified it as royal stuart tartan (um, yeah, we're scottish).
personally i think it would go better with a blue belt, but i don't have one of those so i had to settle for my thin little red one.


  1. I have a blue Uni Qlo shirt, and people call me lumber-jack as I walk by sometimes, but I don't care because it was in Elle once. :3

  2. thank you!
    haha, those lumberjacks are obviously very stylish beings!

  3. the tartan shirt looks great. Love it with the red belt.

  4. totally love love this top, and its perfect with those pants! i just did a red and greenish outfit the other day too! love yours!

  5. thank youuu!
    ahh i saw it, your outfit was so cute!


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