Thursday, 28 January 2010

with a little help from my friends

remember those acrylics i posted about a while back?
well, for my art project about identity i've been making my own record sleeve thing.
this is the front (slightly based on the sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band).
anyways, this is the portrait i drew on my "record" with the acrylics.

it hasn't photographed very well unfortunately =/

also, i got a lovely package from dorothy perkins this afternoon (which really cheered me up after crying & freaking out about my bitchy art teacher at school, oh the joy), but seeing as this is just a quick post you'll have to wait to see the full extent of it (possibly) tomorrow!
oh, the suspense! i hear you cry.
can you guess what it is yet?


  1. Ahhh your record looks great!! Can't wait to see it for real tomorrow :)

    I can guess what the package was because I know, mwhhahahaha ;)

  2. thank you!
    oh, you detectivey beast! (:

  3. your record sleeve looks amazing. i love collage work like this!


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