Friday, 8 January 2010

funny face

i have a serious case of artist's block right now (the artist version of writer's block, surely there must be such a thing, right?) so instead of drawing, i felt like doing a post.
& also, i kinda hope it brings me a touch of inspiration.
this is what i wore today, thoroughly inappropriate weatherwise but i like it nonetheless.
besides, i stayed inside all day eating & watching how i met your mother (my obsession for that show just grows & grows)
oh, and to my left in that photograph is some of the audrey hepburn posters i was sticking up yesterday. i just put up my new calendar (jimi hendrix, eeep!) so unfortunately audrey had to come down. instead of recycling the wonderful images, i decided to cut out & keep.
so now when i'm feeling devoid of all hope & inspiration i can look up at my desk or from my bed & see audrey smiling above me.
(note to self: dude, that was seriously corny)
this skirt is the only black item of clothing i own, but i guess it doesn't really count because, well, it's not all black.
it was one of my first more "out there" purchases & still is one of my favourite items from my wardrobe.
tshirt - gift, skirt - h&m, red tights - mother's.

also, in my boredom i decided it would be fun to see what my hair looked like in a scarf/bow thing. i actually think it looks kind of freaking awesome!


  1. I've just started following and I'm inspired already :) Love the skirt and I wanted this t'shirt but they'd sold out!

    Georgina x

  2. awwww thank you so much! *blushes*

  3. Cute outfit. Love the shirt... and the skirt... and the scarf/bow (yes, it does look freaking awesome).

    And now I want to watch a either a bunch of Audrey Hepburn movies or some HIMYM. Ahh, decisions, decisions.


  4. thank you :)
    oooh tricky decision i agree!

  5. Of course there's artist's block. And there's blogger's block too. I've experienced first hand.

  6. ahh finally somebody agrees with me!
    t'is a bit of a bummer.


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