Wednesday, 20 January 2010

made a maid

i'm in a much better mood today, i'm not sure if it came up on my last post but i was pretty despondent yesterday. some people just appear more wrapped up in their (self-inflicted, i might add) problems than their friends. i don't mean to be cruel, but perhaps your troubles are actually not as bad as you see them?
wow, that was a tad b to the itchy charlotte, let's cool it down a notch shall we?
back to positive things blogfriends!
my guitar lesson today actually went pretty well, after i was dreading it all week. i think i do appear to be making progress. i know where all the notes are, it's just the order that muddle me up.
also, i got a couple packages in the post - a streetcar named desire by tennessee williams for my english literature class, a bowler hat (which is a bit annoyingly bent out of shape, so i need to sort it out before i take any photos of it!) & a laura marling badge i bought off ebay.
how cute! i love the design on it, can't wait to wear this to her concert in april, eeeeeek!
according the the nme, she's planning on releasing two albums next year!
please excuse me while i hyperventilate at the excitement of it all.
and to top it all off, she's gone & dyed her hair black! that girl really & truly is my inspiration, worryingly stalkerish as that may be.


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