Saturday, 16 January 2010

a chain of flowers

had a massive excursion to hobbycraft today (an arts & crafts store) & bought many many things.
i was also supposed to be shopping for presents for two friends as well, but i just wandered round for ages in lots of different shops & couldn't find a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that suited them. major frustration attack.
anyway, back to the creativeness.
i bought this bag from a charity shop a while back (and posted about it here), but it was without a strap & while clutches are all sorts of elegant, they just aren't my thing. therefore, i decided to add my own strap to it, and with a smidgeon of chain & ribbon from hobbycraft later...

et voila!
i haven't quite figured out how to attach yet, i may have to enlist mother's help for that.
a few recent purchases of mine;

i bought these bows off ebay last week for about £2 combined & they have just arrived, awfully sweet don't you think?

gosh, more hair accessories!
i do have quite an obsession with hair bands & bows & things i must say.
these were wonderfully cheap in the dorothy perkins sale, the purple flowered one was £1.50 & the gold bow one was only £1.

the flower is made of lovely silky material, it has a wonderfully opulent feel.

and the bow has very small sequins.
gold isn't normally my colour, but i absolutely ADORE big bows, & for some reason i thought this had a kind of alice-in-wonderland feel to it, so obviously i had to buy it.


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