Sunday, 3 January 2010

tomorrow never knows

happy new yeaaaaaaaaar!
merry 2010 everyone, i now christen this decade: the tenties.
it sounds so much cuter than "the tweenies" don't you think? much less cbeebies.
my new year's eve consisted of driving to yorkshire to my auntie's house (the 31st is also her birthday) & playing a hell of a lot of beatles rock band.
my brother, my cousin and i were the best team, we managed to play shea stadium in the story :O
i also kicked some serious ass at singing.
hello 100% in lucy in the sky with diamonds, while my guitar gently weeps and here comes the sun!

it's also been craaaaaaaaazy snow here, like 9 inches thick!
oh my.
but school is cancelled tomorrow, woo!
as it is a new year (and a new decade), i need a few resolutions.
- be more hardworking. i am so lazy it's actually a little bit ridiculous.
- gain some weight. i have no idea how, but i am going to do this.
- spend more time with friends.
- take more pictures. i also plan on digging out my dad's SLR film camera.
- teach myself how to play guitar.
- buy more records.
- be more organised
- go to more concerts.
- discover more vintagey shops near me.
- do unusual things.
oh! and this is my 100th post, oddly appropriate don't you think?


  1. I'll join you on the gain some weight resolution I think
    (er, well, I'm saying yes, my eating disordered side is screaming no). I had a bit of a wakeup call today :/

    Love your wellies :)

  2. oh good :)
    ouch, sounds pretty scary!

    thank you.


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