Sunday, 17 January 2010

acrylic love

psychology revison is driving me up the wall, so i thought i'd take a break & post about my lovely new set of acrylics (:
*cue heavenly angelic chorus*
aren't they beauuuuuuutiful?
i bought these in the sale yesterday, which was wonderful because they are normally rather expensive. i feel so artisty now, with my little collection of art supplies growing & growing! i can't wait to start painting with them, i actually adooooore acrylic paint - so much so that i've forgotten what it's like to paint with anything else!
i do feel a little odd about calling myself an "artist" though, sometimes i don't feel like i deserve that title. people often tell me i'm a creative, arty person, but i always feel shy about using the word artist in case people think i'm not good enough or that i'm being pretentious. in the future, i hope i can use that word without feeling embarrassed or like it doesn't belong to me.


  1. aw, I wish I was even a little bit artistic,

    for what it's worth, I dont think it's pretentious to call yourself an artist, I think you deserve the title as much as the next person.

  2. ahh i'm sure you are in some way!
    thank you, i must just get used to it (:


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