Saturday, 24 October 2009

dots & stripes forever

yesterday, myself & a few friends went on a bit of a day trip to hexham as we had a day off school.
hexham is absolutely chock full of charity shops so i was in my element and bought rather a lot of things for very little money.
i got this blue & white stripey jumper for £3.50, although i'm not too sure on whether it suits me or not.
it's a mens XL and it is soooo comfortable, just what i need for the cold weather which is drawing in.
my hair is a total & utter mess so i stuck my big ass blue bow in to keep it at bay.
the rest of my outfit:
trousers - h&m, £14.99
belt - dolly dagger, £4
necklace - affleck's palace in manchester, £4
bow hairband - new look, £3.50
the other jumper i bought is white with rather groovy purple spots & was pointed out to me by one of my friends as a "very charlotte jumper".
this was only £3.50 in the same shop as i bought the one above, & i think it goes rather well with my purple striped h&m top.
the guy in the shop had THE best music taste - while i was paying a boy named sue by johnny cash came on, which has to be one of my favourite songs ever.

when i saw this bag, i thought to myself this is either the most amazing or the most hideous bag i have ever seen.
as it happens, i think it's bloody marvellous & it was only £2.99.
it doesn't have a strap though so i shall have to create one out of chain or ribbons & such.
this is the back (or front, i'm actually not sure) which is just as awesome, and kind of matches the belt below.

the colour of this hasn't really come out very well in the photo, but it is a lovely shade of bottle green & i just adore it.
it only cost me 50p which was rather fantastic, i need to punch some more holes in it though because it's a little too big to use as a waist belt.
i bought a couple more things from the charity shops too, books which i can't wait to read, an old rolling stones single (miss you), some pretty darn hilarious ties for my dad for his birthday & a lovely tiger eye pendant which i shall stick some photos of up in a bit.

i've been feeling very autumn-y recently as the leaves are turning all shades of red & orange, which in my opinion is just beautiful.

this is our old climbing frame, i used to love it so much when i was little.

i'm not normally one for taking photographs, but i thought this was really rather pretty & i wanted to preserve it somehow.


  1. love the clutch!
    so cute
    thanks for following


  2. I loveeee the first jumper. So much.,

  3. thank youuu!
    & it's my pleasure :)

  4. Very cute finds, you look amazing. Love the fall pics - I feel the same way about the season right now. Thanks for your sweet 'get well; comment. I feeling much better :)

  5. thank you!
    it is such a lovely time of year.
    ahh that's good to know! :)


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