Tuesday, 1 December 2009

so, this is christmas, and what have you done?

happy first of december everyone!
i love that i can now say merry christmas without sounding like an overly festive idiot!
i listened to my first christmas song of the year today, which is actually quite late for me to be honest. i was doing some sketches for art with my john lennon greatest hits records on when what should come crackling through the speakers but john & yoko's classic happy xmas (war is over)? i don't care what anyone says, that is a brilliant song & it really put a smile on my face today.
this morning it took me a while to realise what day it was, but when i did i practically raced to open the envelope my mother had given me at the weekend (today i am at my dad's house) with the express instructions of opening it today.
it was the cuuuuuutest little advent-calendaresque card!
it has a very sweet christmassy character for each day, i think i am going to have to save this for next year as i love it so much!

today's picture was a little boy in a sheep costume, i think there must be a nativity/pantomime theme.
how is your first of december going? :)


  1. what a cute calendar, I dont have one this year!

  2. thankyouu!
    ohh, that's a shame :(


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