Sunday, 29 November 2009


i've just started this art project for my A level which is all about personal identity.
basically it's anything to do with yourself, but i've been a bit uninspired lately for the preliminary sketches we're meant to be doing, so today i did some sewing instead.
here it is, my little CND sewing project.
i'm actually quite proud of it, although it did take me aaaages to do.
i've never posted any of my art stuff before, so i thought this may be a good time a time as any to start :)
last night i went to see ed byrne, an irish comedian, with two very good friends of mine. it was sososo funny & i had an awesome night, except my throat is now raw from laughing. he said so many funny things that i wish i could remember & quote here, but i really can't! his dvd is going straight on my christmas list!
oh my, it's my grade two guitar exam tomorrow, eeeek!
must go do some practise now, byeeeeee.


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