Saturday, 12 December 2009

knockin' on heaven's door

my christmas ball dress has arrived!
basically, it's a 60s-esque white lacey minidress with the most adorable balloon sleeves.
like the flower? i'm thinking of wearing my hair like that for the ball but i'm not sure if it's christmassy enough =/
here it is full length, i did think maybe it was a bit too short!
now i just need some shoes to go with it, eek.
also, i watched i'm not there today while i was doing my english homework. it's a film based on the six different sides of bob dylan, and it was amazing! cate blancette's performance absolutely blew me away, i never really rated her as an actress before but she was incredible in this! if you're a bob fan, i can definitely recommend it.


  1. Gorgeous dress! I never got around to seeing I'm Not There. Definitely on my to-do list.


  2. What a lovely dress ! I love lace ! :D

  3. thank you both! i love lace too!
    and you should totally see i'm not there, i loved it :)


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